Committed...for now

Anthony Boyles is a 6-foot-3, 185-pound receiver from Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, Calif., and for months he's been talking about his connection with Washington and how he could see himself playing there. Well this weekend, he made his thoughts known to the Husky coaches during his official visit to Montlake. Now the question is, will it be the last decision he makes?

"It was great," Boyles told about his official visit to Seattle. "I liked the people. Everywhere I went, it's like people knew me. They were calling me by name and they seemed to know a lot about me."

Marcel Reece was Boyles' host. "I just asked him questions about why he came to U-Dub and also about Coach Yarber. He told me that there are great people around him and they have a great quarterback."

The trip was the second time Boyles had been to Seattle. "It was better than the first time," he said. "It seemed like I had been there for a while and people were like welcoming me home. I liked the ocean too."

Was there one highlight that stood out for Boyles? Yes, but it wasn't a thing or an event - it was a player. "That damn quarterbaclk, Jake Locker," he said with a laugh. "That dude is funny, he's hillarious. He's cool to be around. I didn't realize he was that big."

Things just seem to align themselves on the visit. "I committed on Saturday," Boyles said. "I think Coach (Eric) Yarber had a little clue about it. I was talking with the head coach (Tyrone Willingham) and he was talking about some things and I just told him. He was excited. He kept shaking my hand. I think he shook my hand five or six times.

"If I go in there and work hard, I can play as a true freshman. And that's my plan. I'm gonna do that. And I think that quarterback (Locker) is going to go first or second round, and he's going to help me get to the first or second round. That's why I'm going there."

Boyles confirmed what he had been saying publically since the spring. "I knew for a while, but I had Colorado in my head too," he said. "I wish that the coaches at Colorado could meet up at Washington. I had Colorado in my head for a while, but I've decided to go to Washington."

But is it that simple for Boyles? "I don't know," he said. "I have no clue. I'm still looking at Arizona and Oregon, Oregon State. You never know. I could change schools before signing day, but right now I'm committed to Washington. I need to talk it over with my Mom and Dad."

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