Trip Report - Chris Izbicki

Chris Izbicki is a 6-foot-4, 240-pound tight end from Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, Wash., and it's been so long since Chris verbally committed to Washington that it's been almost a bit of an afterthought. But Izbicki finished out the recruiting process this past weekend with his official visit to Montlake, and was part recruit, part host.

"For me it was super-repetitive. I've done all those things 3-4 times by now," Izbicki told "But everyone got along really well. I hung out with my host (Michael Gottlieb) a lot, I like Mike. It was good to meet everyone. I think I'm going to room with Ronnie (Fouch). We're pretty good friends."

UW Recruiting Program Coordinator Marcus Boyle picked Izbicki up at about 11:30 on Friday and they joined the rest of the recruits and their player-hosts at the Space Needle for lunch. Izbicki recounted the highlight of his official visit.

"When we were at the Don James Center (for dinner Saturday night), and the coaches all got up and introduced themselves and then all the player-hosts got up and said who they were and where they were from, and what position they play, and then they had all the recuits do it," he said. "Everyone was standing up, making jokes. Scott Shugert stood up and said, 'I'm Scott Shugert from Oregon City. I play wide receiver'. Everyone starts laughing. Curtis (Shaw) stood up and said, 'I'm Curtis Shaw and I decided that I'm going to be a Husky.' Everyone gave him a standing ovation. And then a couple minutes later, the other offensive lineman (Skyler Fancher) went up to Coach Willingham and committed. That was fun. It was good for everyone."

For Izbicki's part, he didn't need to think about where he was going to school when he stood up. The only thing he needed to do during his visit was meet up with his future position coach - Bob Simmons - and talk about expectations for next year. "We talked about running crisp routes," Chris said. "If I can run crisp routes and block, I'm pretty much set - so I feel like I'm in good shape."

He may not be the only tight end the Huskies bring in for the 2007 class. "We need another one to come in, but they aren't just going to take anyone," he added. "But if the right guy comes along. We need another tight end in the class."

Izbicki, as much as any one recruit for the 2007 class, has taken over the role of the top local athlete who recruits early to the Huskies and then jumps into the recruiting process with both feet. So for his official visit, he was talking up the undecided players as much as he was taking everything in for himself.

"When we would go out at night, me and Michael would do our own thing," he said. "But helping get those other recruits - that's part of my job too. Marcus (Boyle), he was telling me that I'm going to be taking his job soon. It's fun to talk to kids. It's not a big deal at all."

And even when Izbicki travels to Central Florida University in January to take part in a national bowl game with fellow UW commit Anthony Boyles and top UW target Drew Davis - he will still have one foot back home, trying to make sure things get taken care of. He'll be back in time to help host recruits for the January 5th weekend. "I get back that Friday, and they'll be going to a basketball game (Arizona State), so I'll go to the game and go to Jillians to play pool and stuff," Izbicki said. "There are some big names coming in that weekend, maybe even bigger than this weekend."

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