Recruiting 2007 at a glance

When you are recruiting, usually it is best to do so with three things in mind: speed, balance, and need. You can't always score well in all three areas, but you do your best as a staff to upgrade the speed, build depth, and of course, bring in play makers.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at the guys that have given verbal pledges to the University of Washington as of last weekend and project them into slots where they might help the most (NEED), and where this as a class would build the most depth (BALANCE). This doesn't mean that these kids will wind up playing these positions, since there are guys in classes ahead of them as well as there will be guys in classes behind theirs that will mix in with the class of 2007. But as a stand-alone projection, here is my "just-for-fun" forecast for the tentative class of 2007.


QB Ronnie Fouch – a good runner and passer, Fouch was brought in to play quarterback and that is where he'll stay.
TB Brandon Johnson - nice combination of speed and strength, Johnson looks like a real play maker.
TB Curtis Shaw - Shaw is big time, and brings more speed to the backfield.
TB Willie Griffin - Bowling ball power between the tackles guy. If he produces, may see Shaw or Johnson be tried at safety if the coaches want more speed on defense.
TE Chris Izbicki - the guy can block, catch, and run. He may be the kid that can stretch the field vertically that has been missing.
WR Anthony Boyles - Big and strong, if Boyles winds up in this class, he will play early.
WR Alvin Logan - Very tall, physical receiver. If Boyles doesn't come or make it, look for Logan to stick here. Otherwise Logan may be a lights out safety.
FB Brandon Yakaboski - Could also be tried at LB. Good sized kid that runs downhill.
OT Emeka Iweka - Will need two years to acclimate, but oh what potential as a WT!
OT Skyler Fancher - Another raw prospect but with a 4.9 40, you gotta love the upside of this tackle-to-be.
OG Scott Shugert - May be a tackle, but for balance, I project him at guard. Nice addition on the line.

STILL NEEDED: Two interior OL


DE Kalani Aldrich - A big strong defensive end that can run. Gee, you don't think this team could use that, do you? Could beef up and move inside.
LB Quinton Richardson - A tackling machine, take two years to beef him up to 220 and you've got a solid WHIP or SAM linebacker.
LB Mason Foster - Speedy bigtime hitter, look for Foster to make his mark at OLB. This guy has a long frame that could be good in coverage.
LB Austin Sylvester - Prototype MIK LB, with good size and quickness. Have to see if the instincts are there when he gets here.
FS Nate Williams - big time hitter who will start his career as a TB, but I really want a bad-ass back in the secondary and Nate could be him.
SS Devin Aguilar - A real sleeper that will surprise with his speed. Will start his career as a WR but I'd love to see either him or Logan next to Williams in the secondary. Aguilar may also be the punt/kickoff return guy in this class as well.
CB Jared Campbell - good size and speed with a chance to play early if he can cover and has skills with the ball in the air.
CB Vonzell McDowell - on the short side but cat quick. If he has hops and good upper body strength, he could also play early. Explosive athlete.

STILL NEEDED: three DL, preferably two of them interior guys, and two more DB


P Jared Ballman - Could punt or placekick, but I see punting in his future.
P Nick Folk - Can punt as well, but I think he's being brought in with the placekicking job in mind. Has a very strong leg.

When you add what I'm showing as verbals to date to the "STILL NEEDED" numbers, that comes to 28. That number seems right, 25 in this class plus three bounce-back/grayshirt candidates. Top Stories