Wide likely to decide this week

The need for defensive backs is being addressed by Washington's coaching staff this year and one of the top prospects on their board is Cimarron-Memorial (Las Vegas) CB Eddie Wide who took his second official visit this past weekend to Utah. Now Wide says he's getting close to making a decision and there is a good chance he'll have an early Christmas present for one of his favorites.

Following his visit to Washington two weeks ago, Wide thought he was ready to make a decision, but his plans have changed a bit after his official visit to Utah this past weekend.

"I loved my trip and it kinda confused me a little bit," Wide said. "I was leaning toward committing to Washington, but after my trip to Utah it's sorta up in the air right now."

On his trip, Wide was hosted Mookie Murphy and the two talked about several things including the atmosphere surrounding the Ute program.

"I spent a lot of time with him and Sylvester Stevenson," Wide said. "They basically told me about the program and the school and we just hung out and got to know each other.

"The only real negative about my trip was that my dad didn't get to go because he missed his flight.'

Wide said he expects to make a decision sometime this week and would sit down with his father in order settle things.

"I felt comfortable with both staffs," Wide said about his two favorite schools -- Washington and Utah. "I have to sit down with my dad and make a pro and con list and then I'll be ready to decide."

Wide was visited last week by Washington defensive backs coach J.D. Williams and said the three of them sat down and had a great conversation.

"I'm looking forward to it being over, but I want to make the right decision so I'll take my time and decide -- then I'll be done," Wide said.

We'll have more from Wide later this week following his decision.

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