Notes and Quotes - LSU

Here are notes, as well as coach and player quotes, as No. 17 Washington took care of business and defeated No. 12 LSU 88-72 Wednesday night in Seattle.

Lorenzo Romar:
General comments: "From day one we tried to preach to our team that you can have a lot of fun in the game of basketball, but in order to have fun you have to work hard. You have to work your tail off on the defensive end and you have to rebound. If you do those things at a high level you get to have a lot of fun because it pays off for you on the offensive end. I thought that tonight we modeled that in every way. I don't mean to brag on them, but our front line was pretty good tonight. For Jon Brockman to battle Glen Davis the way he did for the 30 minutes that he was in there, was something really special. If you have ever doubted Jon Brockman and wondered where the hype is, there it is."

On defending Glen Davis: "Basically we played a certain style of defense that allowed us to make adjustments based on our personnel. We just wanted to limit his touches. When he did touch the ball, we wanted to make sure that we loaded up on him in the paint, meaning that four guys would be in the paint. They took advantae of that by passing it out a couple times, but their big scorer wasn't scoring very much."

On Spencer Hawes: "He showed a lot of confidence out there tonight and he knocked his shots down. Something that we have continued to tell him so often when you are a seven-footer is to get under the basket, but I think the great players can do both. It is just a matter of him shooting with confidence and I think that is the first time that he has had double-digit rebounds this year."

On transitioning to relying on the frontcourt: "It makes for a less stressful situation because you are taking such high-percentage shots. We used to get high-percentage shots with guards in the past because we would penetrate and kick it out so guards could get open for shots. We have been putting the ball inside so that you can pound the offensive boards. With 21 rebounds, you are going to shoot a better percentage than before."

On Quincy Pondexter: "Quincy has a lot of pride and he just took it upon himself to get into the paint and get aggressive. I think that really good players sometimes just play the game and let the game come to them. Tonight, Quincy was concentrating on winning the game. When he was 0-2 at halftime, he didn't try and force any more shots, he just came out and played. He waited for the game to just come his way."
LSU Head Coach John Brady:
General comments: "We got beat within six to eight feet of the goal. We got out-rebounded by ten, we gave up 21 offensive rebounds and Brockman and Hawes showed our guys what playing hard is all about. That was the game, the rest of it was not much. 13 turnovers, they had nine, turnovers were fine. It was just fron six to eight feet from the goal we got it handed to us. Hawes and Brockman, showed our guys what it is all about to play hard the whole time. And that is the game, the rest of it does not mean that much to me. Those guys just beat us every which way possible. That has not happened to us in a long time, we got it handed to us tonight, by those two guys."

On if he felt his team performed sluggish: "I didn't think that we were sluggish the other night and I didn't think we were sluggish tonight. I don't have any excuses, those two guys introduced us to playing hard."

On Washington's rebounding: "I think that throughout the game, they physically whipped us. From the start Glen Davis was getting the ball three to five feet from the goal and he can't convert or get fouled. They whipped us from that point on, it was a mismatch."

On if he consciously went away from Davis and the post game to a perimeter game: "I never went away from him. Tasmin (Mitchell) is our second-leading scorer, he better have a big game. We didn't go away from Glen, there was not a conscious effort to do anything, he just struggled out there. They did a nice job of double-teaming him, but he handled the double team. He only had two turnovers, he wound up with nine rebounds, which is not bad. He could never get anything going. he was 3-11 from the floor, and I only recall one shot that he took from outside of 15 feet. It was just the physical play of Brockman and Hawes, therein lies the game. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about, but there is nothing else to say. Whoever played in our 4 and 5 spots was getting beat."

On playing in Bank of America Arena: "That was not a factor, we were not concerned. We play in places like this in our conference every night. A lot of these guys went to the Final Four last year, that was not a concern. We are a consistent inconsistent perimeter shooting team. If we cannot score at all on the post and we give up post buckets, it is not going to work however you try us."
Spencer Hawes:
General comment: "Games like that are so much fun. You want 'em to end because you want to get the win, but when you're out there - that's what you sign up for. That's what you love doing. It was a great win, a great game for us to build off of and test where we're at and to show what we're doing when we play the way we're capable of playing."

On shutting down Glen Davis: "He's a first-team All-American, so those are matchups you dream of. I said the same thing about (Josh) Heytvelt - those are the ones you like, where you test yourself. I tried to come out tonight and do whatever I could to help my team and I think I did a good job with it. I thought he had a little streak going. Anytime you can hold a 20-and-10 guy to any situation that's an accomplishment. It's a testament to our defense - our strategy and our execution."

On Jon Brockman shutting Davis down: "The way he came out and fronted him and denied him the ball, he showed us what we were supposed to do. When others switched off on him, we just tried to mimic the way he had played defense and limit Big Baby's touches."

On getting double-teamed: "I think they started doubling me more once I got going. I thought the doubles would come a lot more, and we were able to make the right reads and kind of break 'em. If you can split them and get layups, it makes it more difficult to keep that comin'."

On talking with the LSU players: "That's my old personality comin' out. Sometimes you just can't help it. You get in a mood and you can't control it anymore."

On his plan to score on Davis: "Go at him and go over him. I knew coming in I would have a height advantage. Coaches tell me a lot of times to not get fancy, go with my bread and butter. That worked early, and then when they tried to take that away I went to my counters."

On Davis getting frustrated: "I think anybody would in that situation. A player like that, they expect so much out of themselves, it happens to the best players in the game. Sometimes it's just not your night, and it'll get to you."

On the keys to the win: "Our defensive pressure, our poise, getting stops when we needed to, getting buckets when we needed - just our overall execution. Especially for a young team, runs can be an issue. Our gameplan thought that they might be susceptible to runs of their own, and we were able to exploit that. We matured a lot this game, especially the young guys - especially bouncing back from a game like Gonzaga. We were able to turn it around."

On shooting from outside: "I've slowly been going to that more. There was an opportunity where they were taking away the inside, so I tried to counter outside."

On the win helping them going into league play: "You want to have as much momentum as possible, the way it's looking in the Pac-10 right now. We got this one, we need to take care of Weber State and we think we'll be on the right foot."
Jon Brockman:
On getting cut: "First half, I got scratched on a defensive rebound. Hit pretty hard, actually. I told him he needed to cut his fingernails. We can't have that out there. He's a great guy, a competitor and we shared a couple of jokes out there. It was great playing against him."

On Davis' performance: "Everyone has bad games, so you're going to be disappointed. Whenever you lose as a team, you're going to think about it for a long time. I think we just came out and it was an unbelievable defensive effort."

On Spencer Hawes' game: "A lot of times Spencer got the ball in deep and I just wanted to get the heck out of there, because I don't know how many he hit in a row. He can do that. He's a great post player. It's just something we've been doing since 8th, 9th grade."

On getting matched up against Davis: "I was excited. I love playing against great players, and I'd say he's the best post player I've played against. You get excited for big games like that. He's about twice as big as Batista. He takes up a lot of space, and when you're fronting and the shot goes up and you have to go around to box him out - it takes a long time to get around him, and if you aren't trying to push him out of the way, he's so big the odds are that the ball is going to fall right on top of him. He uses his body really well."

On the gameplan to stop Davis: "I felt a little personal challenge, but our defense is so team-oriented I knew that I could do everything perfect, but if the lob wasn't there he could go off for 60 points. But the lob was there and we were picking and choosing when to bring. When he was in scoring position, whenever he got the ball down low, he was challenged with hands up and he had two, three guys around him. I was just trying to stay in front of him. I knew that if he spun back baseline, we had guards coming over to take the charge. I was kind of trying to get him to spin, because he was in foul trouble and I was hoping to find a way for him to pick up that fourth (foul). You just try to not give too much ground, because if you stand up straight, he's going to use his size and push you under the basket."

On getting nine offensive rebounds: "It was just a team effort. Everyone was crashing, and when that happens it's easier for an offensive rebounder to get the boards. Just a great team effort tonight."

On seeing Hawes' emotion: "He's an emotional guy. He's fun to play with. I was just as pumped as he was. That was a great performance, and I love to see him out there having so much success. I think that's the great part about our team."

On how he felt after the game: "I need to get in the ice bath for about 20 minutes after I get my stitches. It was a battle. But Coach Romar said that one of the best feelings is to give it all out there, leave it out there, get scraped, bumped, bruised, get the win and then come back in the locker room and just sit back. That's the feeling everyone had. JD (Dentmon) said everyone gave some blood. I promised you guys some blood tonight."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning and Isaiah Thomas were both at BoA Wednesday night, checking in on the action. Both are playing at South Kent in Connecticut, and Bryan-Amaning has already signed a letter of intent to enroll at Washington next fall. Thomas, originally from Curtis High in University Place, has been designated a junior this year at South Kent, and all reports have Thomas coming back to play for Washington as a member of the 2008 class.

Spencer Hawes tallied career highs with 23 points and 12 rebounds. His previous highs were 21 and nine.

With Hawes' 23 and 12 and Jon Brockman's 19 points and 14 rebounds, Washington finished with two players with double-doubles for the first time this season. The last time it happened was last year against Air Force. Brockman has 21 and 10 and senior Brandon Roy had 27 and 10.

Brockman's 14 rebounds ties a career-high set earlier this season against Idaho. He's averaging 9.9 rebounds per game.

Washington turned the ball over a season-low nine times. Their previous low was 12, against Idaho.

Washington out-rebounded LSU 44-34. The Huskies have out-rebounded every opponent so far this season.

Washington attempted a season-low 13 three-point shots, but made a season-high 61.5% of them (8-13).

LSU's Glen 'Big Baby' Davis finished with eight points and nine rebounds, ending a 48-game streak of scoring in double-digits. Washington's defense held Davis scoreless for a 22-minute stretch from 9:20 in the first half to 7:59 in the second half Top Stories