The aftermath

Husky Head Coach Lorenzo Romar had this to say about the Arizona team that dealt him his third straight Pac-10 loss: "Obviously, they were a good basketball team. We you have 22 assists, 11 turnovers and shoot 53 percent from the field, you feel like you should have a chance to win the game. We had the chance, but we just couldn't get stops on the other end of the floor."

"You can probably blame me for staying in the zone. I didn't think we were doing a very good job in the man defense so I switched to the zone and they began to hit. We didn't think they would be able to keep hitting, but they did. We took a gamble and lost," added Romar.

"We played a part in their high shot percentage. The thing about Arizona is, that in a zone you don't have any margin for error because they have five guys who can all make plays. There were times when maybe we weren't convinced they were a good shooting team and we didn't come out as aggressive as we needed to."

Washington stuck to a tight rotation of players against the ‘cats. "John Brockman and Spencer Hawes have been playing at such a high level that it is difficult to take those guys out of the game. Obviously Quincy Pondexter and Phil Nelson played well so there just weren't a lot of minutes to go around," said Romar.

"We felt that we haven't started very well the last couple of games and we wanted to get off to a fast start. Phil has been doing a good job for us," said Romar in reference to the change in the starting lineup.

"The thing about Ryan Appleby is, he probably understands what we want to do more than anybody else out there so we gave him the opportunity."

And now Romar has to soothe his team's psyche after a difficult loss. "We told them that we can't dwell on being 0-3. We have along way to go and we have to take it a game at a time."

Quincy Pondexter talked about coming off the bench: "It was a wake up call. The last few games I've been thinking too much so tonight I had to come out and just play. The guys were finding me and coming off the bench you see a lot more watching the game and find different ways to contribute."

"I wasn't surprised at all and I didn't blame coach. I wasn't playing that well."

Pondexter tried to be upbeat despite his team dropping to 0-3 in league. "We just need to build and learn from these losses. It's early in the Pac 10 and it's nothing to worry about now. It's not 911 yet."

Spencer Hawes admitted to being surprised by the starting lineup changes. "A little bit, but we've been practicing that way all week. If there was a message behind it, I think it came across."

Hawes had to shake his head when discussing Arizona's hot shooting. "Every time they'd put the ball up from outside, we go to box out but there was no reason to because you could tell the ball was going in."

Hawes was sick at half time, and was in new territory. "That was the first time I've ever gotten an IV before. It was pretty weird."

"I think were looking at Arizona State the same way we would if we were 3-0. Every game we go in with a certain mindset, that doesn't change."

Arizona forward Marcus Williams' comments on defense kind of said it all. "Both sides played phenomenal defense I think. No one could really stop anybody."

"It's a great rivalry, one of the best in all of college basketball."

Williams said of the Dawgs, "There really young. I don't think they should hang there heads at all. They lost to good teams and once they get on there feet, they'll be fine. Romar's a good coach and I'm a little worried about them coming to our house after they get some experience."

Arizona freshman Chase Budinger said that they had prepared for Washington's defensive scheme. "We were ready for the Zone. Coach thought they'd run the zone since they did it last year, and it was kind of surprising they stayed in the zone after we kept hitting our shots. They were pressuring us with there guards but we're such an unselfish team that we kept moving the ball around, and eventually somebody got open." Top Stories