Curtis Williams fund update

Barbara Hedges announced this afternoon that the Curtis Williams fund had accumulated over $400,000 at the time of his passing. Hedges described how the fund would be used, which included the establishment of an endowed scholarship fund that will be awarded to one player each year.

A portion of the Curtis Williams fund will be used to set up a trust for Williams' daughter, Kymberlie. She will be entitled to the trust when she turns 18.

In addition to the trust, Kymberlie will also receive monthly support payments.

The balance of the fund will be used for an endowed scholarship in Curtis Williams' name.

The first recipient of the Curtis Williams memorial scholarship will be senior TB Braxton Cleman.

Coach Rick Neuheisel laid out the criteria that he and his coaches felt appropriate for the award.

"It should be a senior, it should be someone that has gone through some adversity, and it should be someone that understands how fortunate he is to be a part of all of this," said Neuheisel.

"When you look at the criteria, Braxton was an easy choice. He is what we look for in our student athletes. He has been a model citizen since he's been here. He broke his collarbone last year against Idaho in what was supposed to be his senior year. He is an outstanding student and has plans for after football, but he put that off for a year so he could return to this program and be a part of it."

Cleman said, "It's a touching thing for me, to have my name mentioned in the same breath as C-Dub's. I want to dedicate this entire year to him. I feel very privileged."

Cleman has Williams' name tattooed on his arm so he can look at it when times get tough to remind him of his departed friend and how difficult his struggle was.

Neuheisel said that no one would wear #25 this season, but that a permanent decision on that would be made at an appropriate time. Top Stories