Trip Report: Brandon Johnson

Dominguez (Compton, Ca.) RB Brandon Johnson became one of the biggest commitments yet for Washington head coach Tyrone Willingham in his third year as the Husky head man and he finally made the trip north to see the school he had committed to sight unseen and he said he even loved the weather.

"It was a lot different than where I'm from," Johnson told "I loved it up there. The atmosphere was great. There were clouds every day and the weather just changed up there and it was a beautiful place. Everybody told me it rains a lot and it was going to be pouring down rain. It rained, but it doesn't rain as hard up there as it does down here when it does rain.

"The campus, the facilities, everything…it was great. I loved the team and the coaches are great guys. I love all of them.

"Coach Willingham is amazing. If you just sit and listen to him talk you can learn a lot from him. He's an intelligent man and I'm really excited about going there."

This was Johnson's first visit to Seattle and fellow Californian Quintin Daniels was his host.

"He was a great host and I knew Roy Lewis too so that made it pretty easy," Johnson said. "I really liked going to the top of the Space Needle. It was high, but the view was really good."

Johnson also was able to walk out the tunnel and when he got on the Husky Stadium field, he knew he was home.

"The Stadium was great," Johnson recalled. "I just loved standing in the middle of the field and looking all around. I imagined myself running around out there and making plays. I got pretty pumped up just thinking about it.

"They also have a lot of student support up there. At the basketball game, all the students come were there and they were chanting and stuff. That was pretty impressive."

Johnson will now focus his attention on his track season. He said he doesn't have any plans to visit other schools at this point, but still wouldn't rule out a trip to either Oregon or California should the opportunity arise.

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