In this issue: Title Town, USA moves to Gainesville, FLA - The Young Ball Coach does it for the Gators - Irish drop shocker to LSU - Louisville wins Orange, loses coach

The Legend of Urban Meyer
Race Bannon

Calling Urban Meyer, Urban Legend, has always had a nifty double meaning through out his early career. He was definitively a legend at Bowling Green and at Utah where he led the Utes to a BCS bowl win over Pittsburgh. Fans at those locales appreciated the legendary job he did for them in his too brief stays there.

The brief stays, 2 years at each school, allowed for the second version of Urban Legend to come into play. Was he really a great coach or was he Jerry Mathers eating pop rocks and drinking Coke while getting killed in Viet Nam?

After year two at Florida, Urban is a legend once again and there appears to be nothing mythical about it either. As he enters the uncharted waters of a third year at one school next fall, he will do so as one of the favorites to be the champ again next winter. Using a mix of left over players and his own early recruiting classes, Meyer has almost answered all of the questions that you can ask. His recruiting continues to be top notch with the assistance of recruiting coordinator Chuck Heater, the finest in the land, and Meyer showed on Monday night that he can handle the X's and O's with the best of them.

In fact, he beat one of the best of them. Jim Tressel, the sweater vest wearing Buckeye coach was on the threshold of his 2nd national title in just 6 years at Ohio State. Tressel had no answers for the Florida offense or defense and the Bucks never adjusted as they played in mud all night while the Gators ran the fast track to glory.

That wasn't Indiana or Purdue out there and the alleged speed of the Buckeyes proved once again to be the only urban legend in play during bowl season. Troy Smith should have pushed away from the Heisman banquet tables a bit earlier and more often as he played sluggish and never adjusted to the enhanced speed of the game.

It was a bit of karma for the Buckeyes, although certainly not instant. Tressel won his first title, in also his second year at OSU, by somehow beating a vastly superior Miami team that forgot to show up, made a million mistakes, and still made it to two overtimes before a pass interference call swung the tide to the Buckeyes.

Ohio State joins running mate Michigan as the two most over rated teams of bowl season 06/07. Smith joins a long list of Heisman winners who peaked one game too soon and lost a national title. Smith also joins Brady Quinn in the "how much money can we lose by screwing up one game" sweepstakes as the NFL draft approaches.

Florida now holds the basketball and football crowns and frankly, no other sports matter so a tip of the cap to the Gators who have captured the true ideal of collegiate competition – win. Certainly the tens of people who follow the Oly Sports will scoff at our insistence that Oly Sports are meaningless, but the millions who tuned in to watch the football game and the Final Four know that in our hearts, we are right. Anyway, Oly Sports fans stopped reading DFI years ago. So, the hell with them.
Sugar Not Sweet for Irish
Race Bannon

Notre Dame supplied the answer to the age old question, "One lump or two?" They did this by asking for thousands of lumps in their Sugar Bowl blasting at the hands of the LSU Tigers. LSU poured some sugar on the Irish all right, as they poured it on with a sizzling display of speed and power at the venerable FEMA Dome in New Orleans.

JaMarcus Russell, the 6'10", 380 pound LSU quarterback locked up the top spot of the draft with a great Vince Young impersonation as he led the Bayou Bengals up and down the field with his rocket arm and cool decisions.

Brady Quinn once again looked like a beaten and lost puppy against top competition and only severe Notre Dame honks think he has any shot at the NFL where he will see fast defenses every week, instead of three times a year. Quinn never beat USC and never won a bowl game. Joey Harrington thinks that Quinn is overrated, and if anyone should know overrated, it's him.

Domer head man Charles F. Weis took full responsibility for the defeat and cautioned Domer fans to not blame Rick Neuheisel for his latest set back against a team that could fog a mirror.

"Look, I got 5 Super Bowl rings and back to back BCS bowl games so take your whining and complaining and shove it," commented the loveable Weis as he channeled Mike Bellotti at his post game presser. "We will beat these teams and we will get the players needed to do it, not that I am blaming Neuheisel for leaving me such lousy talent. A coach as great as I am should be able to win with these sub-standard players."

LSU fans celebrated by calling for Les Miles to be fired for losing two games this year with a team that talented. LSU handed Florida their only defeat. The SEC appears locked and loaded for ‘07 and don't look for the SEC champ to suffer again in the BCS like Auburn did.

2007 is USC and the SEC - everyone else is playing for grad rates.
Wrap It: Louisville beat Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl….no, really….Wake Forest? Tim Duncan was largely ineffective for the Demon Deacons....Louisville then lost their uber-coach Bobby Petrino to the Atlanta Hawks, who fired Jim Mora earning the eternal scorn of DFI and a lifetime jinx to boot….Petrino announced on KJR that he is coming after the UW job the second it opens….the Mora family now shops at Lowe's….Recruiting is now in full swing, meaning USC is getting anyone they want while the rest of the Pac fights for the rest.…Pete Carroll announced that he is staying in the NFL at the LA Trojans, turning down a blockbuster offer from the Dolphins.…blockbuster, get it?....the NCAA is expected to rule on the Reggie Bush thing by 2027….Husky recruiting is looking up as many national merit scholars are expressing an interest in the fabled Willingham system….we will cover it all post LOI day in our signing special….if you're an SEC fan, remember to get your cash donations in a plain brown bag in before the February deadline.

Thanks for reading! – Race Top Stories