Trip report - Cort Dennison

Cort Dennison was a late addition to the visit list this past weekend for Washington, but that didn't bother Dennison one bit. In talking to Sunday about his first official visit - to Seattle - it was all he was expecting it was going to be...and more.

"I wanted to come and visit Washington because they have great coaches," the linebacker from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City said. "I love the coaches there. And I love the area too. But what intrigued me the most was the academics. It's not just football. You're a student-athlete there. You get a great education."

Freshman fullback Paul Homer was Dennison's player-host. "He (Homer) said he thinks I could play next year," Dennison said. Homer would probably be a good source on the subject of early playing time, as he was only one of three true freshmen to play their first years at UW. According to Dennison, Homer has bulked up to 250 pounds. "Some of the coaches were joking with him that if he got any bigger, they were going to put him on the offensive line," Dennison said with a laugh.

Homer gave Dennison an idea of what life is like for a first-year player trying to play at the Pac-10 level. "He said the first couple of days are nervous, but after that there's great team bonding," he said. "You meet a lot of new people."

Was there one highlight that stood out on Dennison's visit? "Last night (Saturday) at dinner, me and my parents sat at a table with the Willinghams," Dennison said. "I had a ton of fun talking to him (UW Head Coach Tyrone Willingham)."

What did the two chat about? "We just talked about what he expects in a player, how he wants them to be 100 percent in everything they do," Dennison said. "He said that work is the most important word for him, and how he loves competitiveness."

If the Huskies eventually offer Dennison, they expect him to bring that same kind of competitiveness that led him to rack up over 40 sacks that past two years for Judge. "They like me at outside linebacker, either WIL or SAM," Dennison said when asked about where the Huskies see him having the most success. "I'm at 215 (pounds) now, but they could see me at 230.

So the final verdict on Dennison's first official visit? "It was a 10," he said, without hesitation. "Everything was really top-notch."

Washington Defensive Coordinator Kent Baer is visiting the Dennisons on Thursday. "They'd told me they would call within a week as to whether there would be an offer or not," Cort said. "It sounds like they are bringing in another linebacker this next weekend for the offer too. I'm hoping when I see Coach Baer that he'll have good news for me."

Even if the Huskies do offer, Dennison will still take a visit that's already been set up - to Army (1/26) - before making a final decision. Even though he hasn't received an offer in the mail yet, Dennison has been assured by the Army coaches that one is forthcoming.

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