Trip report - Tyrone Duncan

Tyrone Duncan had nothing to complain about on his official visit to Washington this past weekend - other than getting a scholarship offer. Will one materialize? Duncan is still optimistic.

"Seattle is exactly what everyone says it is," Duncan told when asked about his trip to the Emerald City. "And the school has a beautiful campus, I loved the Ivy League-looking buildings."

Junior linebacker Dan Howell was Duncan's player-host. "He told me that he thinks it's the greatest thing alive at Washington," Duncan said. "He talked a lot about the city, and since he comes from the same part of California that I do, he talked about how it's not too small a town. He also talked about how he thought the team would be really good next year. But everyone expects their team to do well, and he admitted that he's biased," Duncan added with a chuckle.

Any highlights from the trip? "I liked talking to Coach (Tyrone) Willingham and what he had to say," Duncan said. "He talked a lot about expectations, the expectations he would have for me if I went there."

But that's still the $64 question; will the Huskies offer? Just because the Huskies are the last school Duncan is considering that hasn't offered a scholarship, he didn't let that sway him from possibly cancelling his official visit. "Well, they are still on the line, so there was no reason for me not to visit," he said. "I think an offer is still out there."

Utah, Fresno State, San Diego State, Arizona and Nebraska have all offered Duncan, and he's already visited Utah and San Diego State.

Coaches from Washington will visit Duncan on Wednesday, and he's hoping to get more information then. He is planning on visiting Fresno State this coming weekend and then possibly Arizona, but that trip has not been set up yet.

As for his UW trip? Duncan gave it perfect marks - a 10. "There was nothing about the trip I didn't like," he said.

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