Decision looms for Amajoyi

It's been a busy past few weeks for Aquinas RB Chike Amajoyi. He's visited both of his favorites – Washington and Stanford – and now he's getting ready to sit down with his family to decide where he'll spend the next four or five years of his life. He spoke with about his visit to Palo Alto and some in-home visits he has scheduled this week.

"It was a really good visit," Amajoyi said. "My player host was Fred Campbell. He was really cool. He's actually a lot like me. He's really humble and he likes to work hard and loves it up there at Stanford."

Amajoyi said that the new coaching staff that has been brought in since the firing of head coach Walt Harris is what really made an impression on him.

"Coach (Jim) Harbaugh is a good coach with a great track-record at the 1AA level," Amajoyi said. "I spent a lot of time talking with him and coach (Willie) Taggert, their new running backs coach, and we just talked about how excited they are to be at Stanford and what they plan to do there.

"Their campus is really beautiful. It's a big school and a big campus, but it's still got that small-school atmosphere and I like that because I'm from small school.

"I had breakfast with the professors and that was really great because I got to know some of the people who will be helping me throughout my college career. I really loved the visit and I had a really great time."

Now Amajoyi will sit down with his family over the next few days and contemplate the major decision ahead of him. He and his family will play host to Taggert on Wednesday and Washington assistant Chris Tormey on Thursday and then he hopes to make a decision shortly after that.

"As of right now I'm not leaning one way or the other," Amajoyi said matter-of-factly. "My family and friends will have a chance to give me their input too, but no one really has a favorite among Washington or Stanford either. They might like one a little bit better, but they really like both a lot."

Amajoyi went on to list the positives and negatives about his two favorite schools.

Washington – Coach (Tyrone) Willingham is a great coach and person. He cares about his players and I think I could really learn a lot from him. Washington's academics are top-notch and their Medical School is one of the best in the nation and in the world.

The only negatives with Washington are really only the weather and their location. Neither is that big of a deal, but if I had to name some negatives...that would be it.

Stanford – Coach Harbaugh and the players are both really excited to get going and get to work. They love being there and the players really seem to like the new staff a lot and they've only been there for a couple weeks really. The campus is beautiful and I really felt comfortable there. Their academics are the best in the nation and that's important.

As far as a negative, there really wasn't one. It was great.

We'll have more from Amajoyi as he draws closer to making his final decision.

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