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Rick Driftmier, father to Bellevue, Washington LB Lee Driftmier, updated us as to who has been in contact with his son and what Lee has been doing this summer in preparation for his senior year. From all indications, it sounds like there's a lot of interest in Lee. All that needs to happen now is for one team to pull the trigger and the rest will follow

"Lee has been contacted by more than 70 schools. Of these, 57 seem somewhat serious," the elder Driftmier said. "Most of the 57 coaches already have video tape on Lee. Some have asked for his game schedule and others are asking for tape of his first 2, first 3 or first 4 games this year. He has not received any offers yet, but several coaches say they are very interested. I don't know how seriously to take any of this until an offer is made."

For his part, Lee has been doing everything you would expect a player from the defending 3A champs to be doing in the off-season. "Lee's summer included football camps at WSU and Oregon as well as the 6-day team camp at Fort Warden," Rick said. "He also participated in spring practice, the passing league, worked out daily with the team in the weight room, and worked three days a week with Steve Emtman on quickness, balance, flexibility and strength."

Rick also gave us a quick recruiting update. "While many schools have contacted him (including Michigan, Penn State, Alabama, Nebraska, Notre dame, Boston College, etc.) he seems most interested in the Pac 10 and the Ivy League," he said. "He has heard from all the schools in both leagues, but I think he is most interested in Princeton, Yale, Harvard, WSU, Oregon, UCLA, and Washington. Not necessarily in that order."

Lee is still looking for that first ride to drop, and when it does it could be the first of many for him. At this point there are no plans set up for official visits, but that should change in the coming weeks and months.

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