"One of the happiest days of my life"

Cort Dennison and his family had already talked about it so much, he didn't even need to call them up when he saw the digits on his cell phone. It was all planned out. If an offer was coming, it was a done deal; if not, it was all about becoming a West Point Cadet.

"Coach (Tyrone) Willingham called me up yesterday and offered me a full-ride, and I committed to him," Dennison told Scout.com Sunday morning. "It was one of the best days ever for me."

Dennison wasn't with his family at the time, he was over at a friend's house, but that didn't stop him from accepting Willingham's offer on the spot. "I've known for a while what I was going to do, so I committed right there," he said. "He (Willingham) sounded really happy."

According to Dennison, it sounds like the Washington coaches had a recruiting meeting Saturday morning to determine who they were going to offer - him or San Diego (Calif.) Mission Bay LB Deonte Green. "I guess they all watched film of us and Coach Willingham went to each coach and I guess they picked me," Dennison said. "But it sounds like they might offer him (Green) too, but when I talked to coach (Kent) Baer, he told me right now it's just me and Mason Foster at linebacker."

Based on an earlier conversation he had with Baer, Dennison felt good that Saturday's talk with Willingham would eventually come, but he wasn't taking any chances. "On the way to the airport after my trip, coach Baer asked me how my visit with coach Willingham went," he said. "He told me there that he was pretty sure I was going to get an offer, but you never know about these things until it actually happens."

Dennison has already talked to Army about his decision, and he knew that their reaction would be nothing but class all the way. "The quarterbacks coach has been the one recruiting me, and they told me that I was their No. 1 recruit on their board," he said. "I think he kind of got choked up when I told him, but he told me that they would be my biggest fan."

Dennison, who said he's 6-foot-1 and 220-pounds right now, expects to start out at either one of the outside linebacker positions - WIL or SAM. "They like how I run," he said. "Coach Willingham said that he expects me to come in and work my tail off and he expects me to see me on the field next year. So I'm going to go in there, hit 'em in the mouth and see what happens."

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