Husky locker room quotes

It was an incredibly somber Husky locker room after the heart-wrenching 31-29 defeat on a last second Michigan Wolverine field goal from 44-yards out. Still, the players and coaches took some positives away from the nightmarish finish in Ann Arbor at The Big House.

Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson: "Unbelievable. It was just a heartbreaker for our guys, me included. It's a difficult way to lose a game. I was pleased with some things we did but I thought we were very slow on the uptake on the running game. I'd have liked to have run the ball early. I think we missed some throws, too. That one that would've gone for a touchdown and put us up by nine was huge at the time."

"I liked the way Dan Dicks played today and I thought our receivers caught the ball really well."

"We got down 14, but it wasn't a big deal. We just keep on grinding. It's a shame because I felt our guys deserved to win the game. That's probably how Lloyd (Carr) felt a year ago."

"I thought we would hit some runs and at the end we wanted them to use their time outs. On second down of the final drive we called a misdirection play for Cody but we didn't get the right formation out of the huddle, but at the same time we were just trying to get those guys to use their time outs. We did that, but sometimes that's just the way it goes."

"This loss ranks right up there. Our last two games have been unbelievable ways to lose games. I give our guys a lot of credit for hanging in. I love coaching this team, I cannot wait to get back to work on Monday and coach them again. This is a tough way to lose the last couple of games."
QB Cody Pickett: "I felt good on offense. I felt confident. We made a lot of mistakes, and we have to run the ball better. No one was nervous. This was a big time game, and I was happy with the way we fought back after being down 14-0. Unfortunately it didn't come out like we wanted. I can't even explain it, I'm still kind of in shock. Our locker room is very quiet right now. We had a big chance to beat a team like Michigan and it's heartbreaking."

"We have a lot of work to do. We are a confident team and I have confidence in our guys. Michigan is a great defense and you have to get back as quick as you can and let our guys make plays. I threw to eight different receivers today, I have a lot of different guys that can make great plays and that makes me feel good. Today we didn't get the job done. Now we go back and look at the things we did wrong and fix them. I have to throw the ball better and we have to run the ball better."

"My main focus is San Jose State. There are a lot of things to correct and we'll get it done. There are some things we missed. It's one thing to say you can stop them but it's another thing to go out and do it. Against Michigan there are certain things you aren't going to be able to get away with. I compliment my line in the protection they gave me. They now have experience against Miami, Texas, and Michigan, and that is going to really pay off. Anytime you lose on a last second field goal . . . I just don't know how to say it."

"On second down on our last drive, I was going to throw but the defensive lineman was right there. I went down on my own so we could kill some clock. It was a great play by their line."
WR Reggie Williams: "I thought we were coming out on top. I was just hoping and praying that we'd find a way to do it. It was hard to watch that kick go through for them. We'll be alright though. It's just one game. Of course you want to win it, but you just have to focus on winning the rest of them."

"We battled all day. Marlin Jackson is a great cover corner for them. It was a good battle. We exchanged some talk but it was all in fun. Not much trash."

"I wanted to break a big one bad. At times we had opportunities but it didn't happen. Maybe we'll see these guys again in the Rose Bowl. I still think we could wind up in the Fiesta Bowl, though. We're going to throw the ball a lot, we've got a lot of great receivers."

"We can handle this, we'll be over it by tomorrow and we'll be getting ready for San Jose State. Our spirits were high and we were ready to take advantage of this game, but unfortunately it didn't work out. It was great to see Charles finally get some balls thrown to him, and for him to score a touchdown on offense."

"I don't know why I wasn't open at the end of the game, but it won't happen again."

"I tried to talk to Larry (Stevens) after the game but I didn't get the chance. They were busy celebrating. Out on the field we talked a bit between the huddles, a little chatter back and forth just like old times."
WR Charles Frederick: "On the long TD, I saw that I got behind the free safety and when he collided with the corner, I just caught it. The ball just fell into my hands. When I ran across the goal line, it was nothing but happiness. It was very exciting to have a big play in this game. This was a great game between two great teams. We lost a tough one to a great team. Both teams played hard and you can't ask for more than that. Both teams gave great effort. To bounce back, you go to practice on Monday and you work harder. You get everything down and you just go from there."

"We just have to go look at the film and correct mistakes. They had a very good defense."

"To be a big part of this game was very exciting to me. I want to go do it every weekend now to help the team now. For me this is great. Hopefully next week I can have a bigger impact for my teammates. We really did play our hearts out. Now I'm ready!"
TB Rich Alexis: "We're just trying to develop a running game right now, it took us a while to really get going. We just needed to be patient something good would happen, and I knew we'd hit a long one. On the long run it was basically a play where the guard pulled and got his block and it set up really nice. I thought I would get to the endzone but the guy took a good angle and got me."

"I was frustrated, but as a sign of maturity on my part, I just kept plugging. Last year I would've gotten down but I just kept plugging and I knew something good would happen. It did."

"When they lined up for that last field goal . . . it' just broke my heart. I thought the game was ours. They hadn't made a field goal the whole game up to then."

"It was great to see Charles (Frederick) do well. Everyone knows that he's got the talent, now Charles has to keep his head in the game and stay focused. It was great today."

"That was one of the best defenses I've ever played against. They were fast and they hit, they were cool. This was the toughest loss I've ever dealt with. Words can't describe it. There was a lot of trash talking going on there, but there's nothing but respect from us toward them and from them toward us. They were a great team."
LB Ben Mahdavi: "I thought I was going to block that last field goal. I missed it my millimeters."

"I've been deepsnapping for four years and up to today I've never made a mistake. I had bad snaps today. We're not all perfect and I'm going to just flush what happened. It won't happen again. There was no room on the sidelines to warm up on deep snaps, and on the last snap I had just come in from getting an IV. I was drained a little bit. That's not an excuse – it won't happen again."

"The Michigan OL had a great scheme, they had three or four guys on me on every play. I was lucky to come out with six tackles. Thankfully some other guys picked it up because when you are getting hit by three guys, some one has to be free."

"On the 12-man penalty, at that moment in time, we weren't organized. Everyone has to take responsibility for that. We worked hard and came into the game organized and ready. It was a bad time. When the flag was thrown I thought it was pass interference, but when I saw what the penalty was, I knew that they would get the yardage and that the clock would stop. The guy was bound to have one good kick."

"Coming into this game we had to eliminate the little mistakes. Last year we didn't give up big drives, just big plays. This game, we gave up big plays again. That's something that we have to stop. We are a good team and we'll come into the next week with a lot of intensity. Everyone will take responsibility for this one, it's on all of our shoulders."
S Evan Benjamin: "I thought we had this game won until I saw the ball go through the uprights. I thought we still had it but things kept escalating up to that one kick. We work on our substitutions at every practice, knowing the personnel and who is in is very important. It hurts, but starting today we start working on next week and work hard."

"Last year we both came out and played well, too. It's just two good teams coming out and battling hard but unfortunately we came out on the short end this year.
DE Kai Ellis: "These are the games that you play for, the big ones on TV. It was unfortunate that we were on the wrong side of the scoreboard. I liked our effort though. You got 100% from me today, I'm pretty much healthy. I tweaked my shoulder a bit but that won't hold me back. I'm fine."

"I like our chances down the road. We'll get better from this one, we played our hearts out. We'll learn from our mistakes. It never feels right when you lose, especially when you think you have it in your hands. On that last kick, I think I jumped too early. I might have been able to get that one."

"We work on substitutions all of the time. We did it well in practice, but in a game situation, there are a lot of distractions. It's too bad that it cost us today, really too bad."
LB Tim Galloway: "It was two great teams going at it. It was unfortunate that we had 12 guys on the field when we did. A little miscommunication happened with some young guys, but we'll learn from it. We stopped the run today and that's what we tried to do. We put ourselves in a position to win. One unfortunate play and the tide turned."

On the Michigan fumble at the Husky two: "It was a fumble. I had it in my hand, but sometimes that's the way things go. The referee came up and didn't see that I had it. I had the ball up to show him that I had it but the Michigan guy took it and rolled over."

"On snaps, I've done it before in high school. I had a couple that didn't go right today but I'll get better."
OL Dan Dicks: "Once that kick went through the uprights, it was a terrible feeling."

"After the first play, my nerves were fine. It was like we were out there scrimmaging once you get out there and start hitting. I think I did some things well on pass protection, but I wish we could've run the ball better. We planned on that, and my inability as well as the offense to get the running game going hurt us. Michigan is good, but somehow we needed to get that ball going downhill and burn some clock at the end of the game. We didn't do it."
Coach Brent Myers: "For us, what Michigan did to us was nickel and dime. Trying to run the ball against the nickel and dime is tough. They don't give you much and they are a very well coached team. We popped one in the end and that was our best run. I wish we would've gone back to that type of run in the end when we needed to kill the clock, but hindsight is 20-20. The one thing we do well is that we throw the ball. We protected Cody against a great front and that is our strength. We now need to improve the run game and put an emphasis on it. We'll improve. There are no excuses."

"We're proud of the way our kids played, but obviously disappointed with the outcome. We are the ones that lost this game, Michigan didn't win it. We missed some field goals and an extra point. If we make those and we score when we are supposed to score, this isn't even a close game. Our kids are very mentally tough and they played very well."

"To be honest with you, I thought Dan Dicks played very well for his first time. Some things will come up on film that I'll be critical of him, but I'll also be one of his biggest fans. He came up against a great front today and did a good job. He really stepped up today and wasn't shocked to play at all."

"Our kids have been in enough big venues that they didn't come out with big eyes or anything. If you can handle this environment, there aren't any out there that you can't handle. I think it bodes well for us."
TE Kevin Ware: "We couldn't get our running game going, but we always have another option with our passing game. We have a high-power offense. A lot of guys caught a lot of balls today."

"I came out here with a plan to have a big game today. I accomplished that a little bit. We have several weapons on this team and we want to show them all so no one can key on just one guy. I knew that this would be a big game, and I had the mindset that I had to go make some big plays today. It was a good defense and completely stuffed us on the run except for one play. They didn't give us anything, we earned everything we got. We have to take this as a learning experience and move on."

"There was some trash talk going on out there. You try to get into a guy's mind and get him out of focus, it's part of the game. No disrespect, though."
Michigan DE Larry Stevens: "I know a lot of those guys out there. It's awesome, we are all cool, but I didn't come to Michigan to lose. UW played excellent. They have a lot of good guys with character, they kept coming. That's what I like about them. They are cool." Top Stories