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Today is the day! With Washington expecting at least 26 letters of intent to roll through their fax machine today, it's going to be a busy day of news and notes to go through. Keep checking back in for updates throughout the day! Without any futher ado...

11:17 PM: Well, it's roughly 16 hours since we started, so it's time to call it good. But we are going to go out with a bang, courtesy of Kim Grinolds. He was able to reach a ton of signees tonight, and here are the audio conversations he had with each one. Enjoy!

Marquis Persley

Willie Griffin

Scott Shugert

Mason Foster

Ronnie Fouch
8:57 PM: We worked hard to get this little tidbit, just for Scout.com subscribers. Here is 2006 highlight footage of Kamehameha DE Kalani Aldrich. Check it out!

Kalani Aldrich 2006 Highlights:
7:49 PM: Sorry for the long delay, but we still have quite a few interviews being done, and we're hoping to still get some more signing day pics before this blog becomes a pumpkin!

The latest from the signing day photo book? Here's a pic of Quinton Richardson, faxing his letter of intent in to the University of Washington.

6:30 PM: We continue on with more audio interviews...this time I caught up with Cort Dennison from Judge Memorial Catholic High School in SLC. Click HERE to listen to our interview with a student-athlete that has the 'attitude and gratitude' factor in spades.
5:00 PM: Things are starting to wind down, but we still have more audio interviews that we did earlier in the day. Kim Grinolds spoke to Rainier Beach cornerback Vonzell McDowell about signing day and his commitment to Washington. Click HERE for the entire interview.
3:15 PM: Shane Horton will be announcing his college choice in about 15 minutes, and per our sources we're expecting him to choose UNLV.
3:09 PM: Here's another photo from the signing day photo book, courtesy of Kalani Aldrich:

2:35 PM: I'm not going to give a recap of the Willingham press conference, but here are a couple of tidbits.

Carl Bonnell is going to start throwing in a couple of weeks, but he doesn't know if that means he'll be cleared to play for spring. Michael Houston's situation remains unchanged, other than he's back with the team and participating. JR Hasty is fully participating and is eligible.

As far as the class, Willingham said that there were only two position changes from the ones shown on gohuskies.com - Emeka Iweka will start out on defense and Marquis Persley will start out as a cornerback.

Scott Eklund and Kim Grinolds are live at the scene and will have a full accounting of the press conference later tonight.
1:28 AM: UW fans can now officially exhale. Brandon Johnson, who had told us on a couple of occasions this morning that he had signed with the Huskies, is now listed on Washington's official roster of 2007 signees - 27 in total.

Now the only one the coaches are apparently waiting on is Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame S/ATH Shane Horton. If Horton ends up signing with the Dawgs, that just might set them up as the team to beat in the recruitment of Shane's younger brother, Wes. Scout.com West Analyst Brandon Huffman believes Horton, a defensive end, might be one of the most highly-recruited players in California for the 2008 class when it's all said and done.
12:29 AM: Here's another interview Grinolds did with a new UW player - Huntington Beach, Calif. OT Skyler Fancher. Click HERE to listen to the whole conversation.
11:57 AM: Kim Grinolds spoke earlier with Denver (Colo.) Mullen WR Devin Aguilar right after he sent in his letter of intent. HERE is the conversation.
11:28 AM: Here's an audio interview with Kim Grinolds and one of Washington's more popular prospects - the 'Hallway Linebacker' - Austin Sylvester. Click HERE to hear Sylvester's thoughts.
11:06 AM: No real surprises so far, just like the UW staff wanted it, to be sure. The only confusion seems to be with Compton Dominguez RB Brandon Johnson. He text'd Kim Grinolds earlier this morning to let him know that he sent his letter of intent in, but the school has not shown him as an official signee as of the time of this posting. Everyone else, including the latest signee - Devin Aguilar - is in. Grinolds confirmed with Johnson just minutes ago that he did send in his letter, so now it's just a matter of UW compliance making sure it passes muster as a legal document before announcing Johnson as an official Washington signee.

Outside of the annoucement for Shane Horton in a few hours, it doesn't look like there's going to be much in the way of breaking news or big surprises today for Washington, but you never know...
10:43 AM: Here's another picture from the UW signing day photo book - Redlands East Valley's Ronnie Fouch and Marquis Persley...

10:29 AM - Per gohuskies.com, Anthony Boyles has sent in his LOI, thus ending the most entertaining (and probably gut-wrenching for some) recruitment by far this year when it comes to prospects signing letters-of-intent with UW.
10:08 AM - Kim spoke with Quinton Richardson shortly after he sent in his letter of intent. HERE is the interview.
9:57 AM: Everyone knows Jared Ballman's story by now, and Kim Grinolds spoke with Jared earlier Wednesday to find out how he's doing and what his plans are for coming up to Seattle and participating in Spring football. Click HERE for the interview.
9:48 AM: Kalani Aldrich is in, and Kim Grinolds caught up with the 6-foot-7, 245-pound DE from Hawaii. Click HERE for the full interview.
9:39 AM: The last of the local players - Vonzell McDowell - has sent in his LOI.
9:34 AM: Here's a lengthy interview Kim Grinolds did with Byron Davenport this morning. Is he a little fired up to be heading to Washington? You decide. Click HERE to listen in.
9:23 AM: We're getting down to it...Willie Griffin is now in, per gohuskies.com. Only a few more left.
9:09 AM: Austin Sylvester and Mason Foster are in. Per gohuskies.com, UW how officially has 21 in the boat. The only ones left? Anthony Boyles, Vonzell McDowell, Devin Aguilar, Willie Griffin and Kalani Aldrich.
9:05 AM: Even though he isn't signing a letter of intent today, I thought it was important to get in touch with walk-on QB Chandler Clemons and see what he was up to. He's in Seattle, working out. You can hear the whole interview by clicking HERE.
8:56 AM: Alvin Logan is now in, per gohuskies.com.
8:46 AM: Brandon Johnson, Emeka Iweka and Brandon Yakaboski are the latest to sign their letters and send them in. And per the first official list to come out on gohuskies.com, Aiyewa, Armelin, Cort Dennison, Duncan, Skyler Fancher and Erik Folk are in.
8:26 AM: Here's the interview I did with Curtis Shaw earlier this morning. He's got an interesting day ahead of him. Click HERE to hear the interview.
8:02 AM: Nick Wood and Nate Williams are in ... I spoke with Nick and HERE is the interview.
7:59 AM: The latest to sign and send his letter in ... Oregon City OL Scott Shugert.
7:53 AM: Ronnie Fouch and Marquis Persley, both from Redlands East Valley in California, are in.
Quick news on Shane Horton...he'll be announcing today at 3:30 on Fox Sports West, so stay tuned to that announcement.
7:42 AM: Our first pictures are starting to come in. Here's Chris Izbicki sealing the deal on his commitment to Washington.

7:30 AM: Mark Armelin called to let us know that he has faxed his letter in. We also did a quick audio interview with Mark. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.
7:14 AM: Just one of the many pitfalls of signing day...we just spoke with O'Dea ATH Quinton Richardson, and he's trying to send in his letter...only problem is - the machine is busy. So that's good news AND bad news. LOL
7:09 AM: With all the great news that's bound to come to UW today, there's also bound to be some disappointing news. Among the disappointing news today is that Byron Davenport, a cornerback that will sign with Washington today after transfering out of UCLA, will not be available for spring practice.

Kim Grinolds spoke with Davenport last night, and he said that he has to take one more semester of junior college before being eligible to transfer to Washington. This means he'll still be in school by the time fall football starts in August.

But in more positive news, Dawgman.com's Scott Eklund just spoke with Anthony Boyles, Scout.com's #18-ranked WR, and he will be faxing his letter of intent into UW at 8 O'Clock.
7:06 AM: Victor Aiyewa, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound safety from Hightower HS in Sugar Land, Tex. has sent in his letter of intent. He chose Washington over Baylor.
7:01 AM: It's official time for recruits throughout the country to send their letters in. One player that will be sending his in early is Mark Armelin, a 6-foot-4, 305-pound offensive lineman from Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills, Calif.

To start the morning off, here's three highlight reels of Armelin in action at left tackle.

#70 LT Mark Armelin 2006 Highlights 1:

#70 LT Mark Armelin 2006 Highlights 2:

#70 LT Mark Armelin 2006 Highlights 3:

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