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After the finest defensive effort of the season by the Washington Huskies, Head Coach Lorenzo Romar was all smiles after the game. Here's what he had to say about the victory, as well as comments from Stanford Head Coach Trent Johnson and UW center Spencer Hawes.

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
Opening Statement: "All my remarks should pretty much be positive at this point. We put together a very good defensive effort tonight. I thought, as a group, we did what we were supposed to do. We turned the ball over too many times in the first half, but, until the last minute or two, we did a good job of taking care of the ball in the second half. It was just great to see our guys go out and compete together as a team at a high level."

On whether this was the team's best defensive effort: "We thought that tonight we probably had our best defensive performance. That's a team (Stanford) that you've got to make sure you do because, as we saw in the first half with Lawrence Hill, if he gets going and Anthony Goods gets going, then it really opens it up for the Lopez twins inside and you just have all sorts of problems. But our guys did a pretty good job of containing everyone and we really did a good job of being alert and rotating. I thought, in the first half, we got almost every loose ball. Whenever there was what we call a '50-50' ball around, we came up with a lot of those and that was very helpful."

On contesting shots: "I think so. Just a lot of their shots were contested shots. A lot of times that is how we try and measure just how many shots are they taking that are contested or uncontested. There have been too many times this year where we have given up far too many uncontested shots. Tonight I thought we did a pretty good job of contesting."

On whether this was Spencer Hawes' best game since being sick: "I'd have to look back, but yeah, I thought this was pretty close. If somebody all of the sudden is playing and getting healthy, they are probably going to play better. If someone is feeling sick and has a lack of strength where most average people couldn't get out on the floor, he was out there battling the best he could. And now his strength has come back more - he is not at full strength - so consequently, he had a better performance. It's hard in sports to ever make excuses, but I think sometimes you have to point out the facts."

On Brockman and Hawes: "I thought Jon Brockman and Spencer Hawes were very good. On the backboard, as well as offensively, I thought they did a very nice job."

On Brockman's leadership rubbing off: "It catches on after a while. It was just good to see that Jon - again another double-double - and it's awesome how he goes out there and it doesn't seem like it matters who he's playing against, up to this point he goes out and does the same job night in and night out."

On the Huskies' tournament chances: "With the few games left, I think we've put ourselves within striking distance, where before we were just trying to dig ourselves out of a hole. I think we're almost out of the hole, but we still don't have much margin for error. Thank goodness we've been playing at home."
Stanford Coach Trent Johnson:
On Washington exploiting the post: "We found out what our weaknesses are. Despite how big we are, guys can still pound it inside on us and guys can still come out and rebound against all of us - guards included. When you do that, you can control the game."

On being out-hustled: "We got outworked. Every loose ball. Every rebound. Everything. They were the aggressors in every aspect of it."

On losing to both Washington and Washington State: "There's nothing wrong with this team. We lost to a really good team on Thursday and we lost to a better team today. Real plain and simple."
UW center Spencer Hawes:
On getting some payback against Stanford: Any time you have a game like last time, you want to try and redeem yourself and I thought I did an okay job of that."

On what would have happened if his performance was last game's: I probably would have missed the first shot, dribbled the ball off my foot and then got a technical for being mad about it."

On his health then vs. now: I felt like two different people. I feel refreshed, my energy is back, my wind's back."

On the upcoming game against WSU: We'd hate the Cougars even if we would have beat them the last game, not to mention them beating us by 30. They're our biggest rival and it's a very big game for us."

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