Barton Football Camps resume Sunday at UW

It's become an annual right of passage for linemen and skill position players throughout the Northwest every spring. The Greg Barton Air Attack passing and linemen camps are invaluable in easing the learning curve for young football players. Now Taylor and Greg Barton are incorporating "Chalk Talks" and this weekend will be the first one held at the Dempsy Indoor facility.

Taylor and the Barton Football Academy have four more Quarterback-Skill Position sessions left in Seattle. Join Taylor and his staff on the following Sundays -- February 18th and 25th, March 4th and 25th -- in the Indoor Dempsey Center located on the University of Washington campus to continue to improve and hone your skills.

The first hour is organized for training and the second hour is for throwing and catching ball. There have been close to 200 players attend the first three sessions. Players in 7th through 12th grade are welcome.

To sign up you must have a parent with you to sign paperwork or go to: Air-Attack Football and click on "Paper Registration" located on the left border of the Barton Football home page.

Players make copies of: 1) Printable registration, 2) Printable medical release, and 3) Printable waiver.

Parents must fill out the paperwork and sign the medical release and waiver. Players can bring this paperwork with them when they come to one of the camps. You can read about the camps by clicking on "Programs" on the left border of the home page and then on "Seattle Indoor QB-Skill".

"Daily" fees are $40 for quarterbacks and $30 for skill position players.

The Barton's are offering another program starting this Sunday. For the final four days, Taylor will hold Chalk Talk sessions from noon to 1 p.m. in the Husky Team Auditorium in the tunnel of Husky Stadium.

Players will have an hour to get food, drinks and register and check in for the 2 to 4 p.m. camp in the Dempsey Indoor Facility. The cost of the chalk talks will be $80 for all four sessions (February 18, 25, and March 4 and 25), or $25 per individual session.

Players must show up 15 minutes early to register. You can pay by check or cash.

Checks should be made out to: Barton Football Academy.

Through all four sessions, Taylor will talk about offensive formations, defensive fronts, defensive alignments, and defensive coverage's on the grease board.

He will discuss defensive weaknesses, how to identify them, and how to attack them.

Taylor will also discuss how to become a leader and the role that goes with it. Everything the Barton's do is interactive, with players encouraged to ask questions and participate.

Each individual will greatly improve their knowledge and understanding of the game.

Quarterbacks and Skill Position Players will study and learn about the following: 1 - Cover 0
2 - Cover 1 - Free
3 - Cover 1 - Hole
4 - Cover 2 - Man
5 - Cover 2 - Zone
6 - Cover 3
7 - Cover 4
8 - Cover 8
9 - Bracket and Combination Coverage's

The Chalk Talks in Portland have become a very popular program. This will be the first time the program is offered in Seattle by the Barton Football Academy. Top Stories