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It was a tough loss for the Huskies at Bank of America Arena, but head coach Lorenzo Romar said he saw some positives in his team's play. Read on for comments from the Huskies' head man, as well as quotes from Washington State's Tony Bennet and Washington forward Jon Brockman.

Washington head coach Lorenzo Romar:

Opening Statement: "I'm very proud of our guys' effort. In the second half, I thought our guys really competed. Washington State is a very good basketball team, a well-oiled machine, and they capitalize on every mistake that you make. We fouled the shooter at the end of the shot clock a couple of times and they didn't miss any free throws. Whenever we missed setting a screen, they would take advantage of it. Whenever we were out of position, they would take advantage of it. So we have to give them a lot of credit – there's a reason that they are number 10 in the country."

On trouble with getting the ball inside: "Some of it was just good defense by Washington State and also there were a few lapses on our part throughout that game. There was a stretch where we came down and maybe had questionable shot selection and turned the ball over. I think that stretch might have been as important as any stretch in the game because they did not distance themselves from us at any point during the period, but that was a point in time in the game where we could have taken the lead by continuing to do what had gotten us to that point, which was go inside, and we didn't do that."

On Washington's guard play: "We just need to make sure that we continue to go inside – that is what we need to do. Adrian (Oliver) had another game like his last one – like the Stanford game – where he didn't score a lot of points, but he really competed. I thought he defended well and did some very good things."

On Pondexter's lack of playing time in the second half: "You try and go with what is working at the time and when Adrian came in the game and right away you could feel his defensive presence. That's what we were looking for. Spencer (Hawes) and Jon (Brockman), they were scoring pretty good so we needed to play some good defense and we needed to take care of the basketball and (Oliver) was doing those things. It wasn't that Quincy wasn't doing anything, it's just that Adrian was doing such a good job."

Washington State coach Tony Bennett:

Opening Statement: "We made some nice plays down the stretch and we made some mistakes down the stretch too. Washington made some big plays too. We survived and we hit our free-throws. We tried to keep them off the glass at the end, but it's a battle against them. We just kept hanging in there and our guys have a knack for continuing to play. They don't get too up or too down. I am sure when we look at the tape, we are going to kick ourselves on a couple of the things we did, but overall we had enough composure to pull this one off in a tough environment."

On G Taylor Rochestie: "Taylor had a real nice performance. All around he did a pretty good job. Obviously, he scored, but he has the ability to guard and keep the guy in front of him. He got some good rebounds too."

On rebounding: "We try to rebound with everybody. When you trap, which we did a majority of the game, and we pulled it off at times, you know that it hurts you rebounding because you are trying to hurry back. But if you don't trap, they can score on us. At times we went one-on-one with Ivory on Hawes. He did a good job against him. He did get up and bother with a few bangs and gave us a look."

On the excitement of the win: "Yeah I am excited, but all of that is reserved for the end of the year when you really do it. We have to stay focused and yes it is exciting to be in the hunt. That is big-time – there is no question about that. Our kids are enjoying it and we are trying to enjoy it too, but you don't think about it. We've got Oregon next and we lost to them earlier and that was a heartbreaker, but we have to get ourselves ready as much as we can and see where we stand at the end of the game."

Washington forward Jon Brockman:

On Washington State: "Besides the fact that this is the only team that I haven't beaten in my career yet and when we went to Pullman we didn't bring it and we lost like we deserved to lose in that game. I thought we busted our tails tonight. There were times in the first half where we weren't doing what we should be, but I thought in the second-half we put ourselves in a position to win it by doing what we should be doing. For me, this loss is a lot tougher than losing by 30."

On getting the ball down low: "At first, we knew they were going to double down low because that's their defense and so we were trying to get the ball back out and get a shot on the other side and that worked. Eventually in the second-half they kind of stopped and so Spencer and I took that as our queue to kind of go in there and go right at them."

On Washington State's success: "They're ranked number 10 in the nation and I think they should be at least that and I think they're better than 10th in the nation. I think they showed what an experienced team that plays hard and smart every single possession of the game looks like and that's what they did. They didn't get flustered when the crowd got into it and when we went up. They play the same as they did against Cal, Stanford, Oregon, UCLA. I mean my hat's off to them. They're a good ball club and I think they have a chance to do some things in the tournament."

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