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It was a brutal finish at Michigan. Four of our nine staff members correctly predicted the outcome, but no one on Earth could've predicted how it would all unfold, or unravel, as the case was. Now we take a look at Washington's first home game of the 2002 season against the San Jose State Spartans.

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 0-1: Ah yes, San Jose State. My ex-girlfriend's alma mater. A university that produces computer wizards, and I must say, beautiful women, too. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about their football teams, which are dreadful. With a whole new defensive backfield trying to stay in the same area code with UW's wide receivers, this one could get ugly in a hurry. Or perhaps the Spartans will offer some surprises??? In life you never know, that's why they play the game. As for me, indeed, one would be hard-pressed to detect any lingering signs of bitterness or resentment: Washington 120, San Jose State 0
Andy Poehlman, Columnist. Record: 0-0: At times, a game like this can be ripe for a "let down" after a big game against a nationally ranked opponent. However, I don't see any such thing happening this week. After playing well and losing, I expect these Huskies to have something to prove and prove it they will. Expect the passing game to do major damage early and the second half to be a full working out of the running game. Washington 55, San Jose State 17
Joe Kaiser, Columnist: Record: 0-1: The Husky offense will be far too much for the Spartans to hold down. Look for the Dawgs to try to get their ground game going and for Rich Alexis to have a big first half before giving way to Chris Singleton. Cody Pickett will play only a half of football, and Taylor Barton will come in to lead the team after intermission as the Huskies coast to an easy win in their home opener. San Jose State will score a first-half field goal and add a late touchdown versus the second-team Husky defense to get into double-digits, but it will be too little too late. Washington 49, San Jose State 10
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 1-0: I reckon there won't be a whole lot of diversion in my peers' call on this game - it would seem the only question will be if Washington comes out with a flat or causes a blowout. I thought youthful exuberance would cost them last week, and -- other than witnessing the silliest ending this side of Blazing Saddles -- I was quite happily mistaken. I came away thinking this team won't hang their head, but instead attempt to seek and destroy. San Jose State may try and exploit Cooper, Benjamin and Carothers with their option, and will want to shorten the game wherever possible. Little Lamar Ferguson could give the defense fits. But the offense only gained 333 yards against Arkansas State, and it will be a major step up for second-time starting QB Scott Rislov. And while the defense allowed only 281 yards, again, it was Arkansas State. The Spartans gave up over 500 yards per game last year, and SJSU has no corner taller than 5-10. So in answer to the question, I maintain the latter. Blowout. Emphatically. Washington 55, San Jose State 13
Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 1-0: As much as I want Washington to work on their special teams, I hope they don't get too many opportunities during this game to perfect their long snapping. And don't even think about taking the Spartans lightly. They tend to play pretty tough against the Pac-10 and have recently handed the Stanford Cardinal three straight losses. I expect the Spartans to come at the Dawgs with the kitchen sink on offense. That should result in some good practice at being a disciplined defense. That being said, I want a blowout! Washington 45, San Jose State 17
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 0-1: Finally the home opener is upon us. After last weeks heartbreaker this week looks a lot more comfortable. At least is should be. I figure the 1st unit will work on the running game some. I hope the game goes so that us fans can see some of the new depth within this team. People like Singleton, Paus, and others too numerous to name. Because I believe this will happen. I can't see the DAWGs piling up a lot of points. Oh it won't be close, but RN will look at how this team executes in all phases of the team. There are certainly some that need to improve. I am hoping a lot of the team gets into the game. Due to this way of thinking I have to predict UW 34, SJSU 10
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 0-1: Welcome to the Husky Air Show. Cody Pickett proved that his shoulder was just fine last week in Ann Arbor. By throwing for over 300 yards and spreading the ball out nicely, (eight different receivers caught two or more passes) Pickett and his crop of receivers showcased a spectacular air assault that is capable of striking fear into the strongest of secondaries. The Special Teams also proved that the "long snapper" is indeed crucial to the game as well. Though it may not cost the Dawgs the game if they make a few botched snaps against SJ State like they did against Michigan, it is still something that needs to be perfected. The home crowd will be rowdy, and the Dawgs will be hungry. I don't believe any team in College football is a cakewalk, but I see no danger for Washington this week as they down SJ State by a score of UW 46, SJS 14. One more thing, keep the number "11" in mind this week!
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 1-0: I think Kevin Ware said it best on Monday. "It's going to be scary." I predict pain, humiliation and suffering. I predict RUTS, two-point conversions on every touchdown and a run at the all-time scoring mark of 120 points set against my alma mater back in 1919. Actually, all the hyperbole aside, Fitz Hill's team will doggedly try and stay with a Washington team ready to make a statement in the aftermath of a brutal, 'what-if' game against Michigan. SJSU will play with heart and they will play with determination, that much you can count on from a Fitz Hill-coached team. And Washington? The questions remain. Will they bounce back with authority? Will they look sharp? Will the special teams be up to snuff? Will the offense be able to pass AND run with effectiveness? Will the defense rise to the occasion? No offense to San Jose State, but the biggest opponent the Washington Huskies will be facing Saturday ain't the Spartans. It's themselves. Washington 47-10
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 0-1: Don't arrive late, the game may be over if you do. With only 64 on scholarship and the Dawgs carrying into the game a big time attitude after last week, it's going to get ugly fast. Cody will tear it up in the first quarter and then the ground assault will begin. Look for Singleton, Tui and Eriks to get plenty of carries. We'll see Casey Paus as well. Stick around until the end. Watching the young guys will be fun. Dawgs 57, Spartans 10
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 1-0: I was so proud of the way the Huskies played on Saturday. They gave it everything they had, the defense played well when it had to, and the offense is going to be every bit as good as I'd hoped. That being said, it's now up to the coaches to make sure that the mistakes that occurred cease to happen again. San Jose State won their opener but they're in for a very rough time on Saturday. Washington is a team with a chip on their shoulder. After talking with a couple of coaches and players this week, I think that SJS may be SOL very quickly. The Spartan defense will not be able to hang with the likes of Reggie, Paul, ET, and the boyz. Look for Gilby to serve up a big serving of smash mouth after the Dawgs go up early in the game. This one is over by halftime, and it won't be pretty for the guests. Washington 51, San Jose State 9
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