Phone ringing off hook for Pollak

We caught up with Chandler (Ariz.) Corona del Sol's Mike Pollak, and in between classes and a busy week of practice in preparation for his team's season opener, his phone has been ringing steadily. For the 6-4, 275-pound Pollak, it's all just part of the process

"The first day I was just swamped with phone calls--probably five or six--and then a couple the next day, and then it's just been a couple each day," Pollak said. All four coaches from his standing top four of Arizona State, Vanderbilt, Oregon, and Washington have been trying to get in touch, in addition to Oregon State and San Diego State, to name a few. Pollak mentioned that Husky coach Rick Neuheisel has made several calls his way, but they haven't touched base as of yet.

Pollak's attitude, however, toward the increased attention is refreshingly philosophical. "I just have to realize that there are just so many kids that wish they could be in my shoes right now," he said. "I look at it from that perspective. It brings me down and doesn't give me a big head," he said.

Pollak noted that the calls he received were of the summer catch-up variety, therefore no visit dates have been scheduled, but look for some to be made in the near future. Top Stories