Player Quotes following the SJS game went into the media room and spoke with several Husky players and coaches following Washington's 34-10 win over San Jose State yesterday. The mood was much more upbeat from the Dawgs this weekend.

PK John Anderson, on going down and staying down: "I'm fine, I just cramped up a bit. I caught the guy's foot on the tackle and pursuit came over the top and landed on the back of my legs. They locked up. I wanted to get up but it's just the way it happened."

"I was a lot more comfortable out there today. We had a good time."

CB Roc Alexander: "It's a physical game. They looked good and physical on tape so I came out to be physical. Pauley is a great player. It was great to be back home in front of a Husky Stadium crowd. San Jose State executed well and we weren't executing what we had planned on defense in the first half. We have a lot of pride and a lot of talent so in the second half we picked it up. It was eye opening to be behind at the half. We'll get better during this week off."

On the interception that would've gone for a touchdown: "I had my eyes on the ball, but I just dropped it. I should've had it."

TB Rich Alexis, on standing on the sidelines with his hands on his knees after a play: "I didn't throw up, I was just trying to catch my breath. He gave me a helmet to the ribs."

"I feel good but there is a lot to improve in my running game. I am still developing as a running back. This is only the second game of the season, so I know I will get better. We were just looking at each other telling each other we needed to get going. We are used to being a fourth quarter team and we've been through a lot, so we don't ever really panic."

On the fumbled exchange: "It was just a bad snap. Cody really didn't get the ball and at the last second he tried to feed it to me. And it never happened."

"We were ready, but San Jose State came out with nothing to lose. They came out and played really well in the first quarter. We were still running the ball well in the first half, we just had some fumbles. Everything just came together in the second half."

WR Reggie Williams" "I tried to prove to everybody that after the 89 yarder that I wasn't tired at all at the end, so anybody that thinks I was tired can now think differently. That was one of the best feelings. I don't think I've ever scored from 89 yards out."

"I am glad that other guys got a chance to shine. Wilbur got a touchdown and Rich played well and the whole offense did well. I think defenses know now that they can't double team anybody because we all can hurt you. You have to pick your poison. If you double me, then three other guys are going to be open. You are going to be hurt one way or the other."

"The shot (in the first half) didn't really daze me. I got a little mad at Cody because he just left me out to dry (laughs)."

Reggie, discussing the questionable holding call: "It was not holding, I was just pushing him. I wasn't going to cut the little guy. That was a nasty call. Did it look like I was holding?"

Reggie on the cooler climate this week: "Temperature has no factor. This is the Dawg House, and we have to win in the Dawg House."

Reggie, going off on his critics (tongue-in-cheek): "I am in shape coach, back there in the corner. I do have stamina!"

DE Terry Johnson: "Shoot! We were running zone pressures. We were running zone pressures all day because they couldn't stop us. I went out there as a contain. I saw the quarterback getting tackled and I said, ‘I can catch it. I don't need to bat it down or let it go over my head.' So I popped it up, caught it and scored a touchdown. He thought he was going to throw it away but I got it. That's how we do it. We never give up until the ball hits the ground."

"We got to the locker room and we were really excited to play the second half. I knew that wasn't us, that wasn't our style. We went out and played hard like we knew we could. That's the main thing. We came in here and didn't point fingers and we went back out there excited to play."

The difference between the two halves? "The intensity. We started slow, we started dry. We started nonchalant. We finally went out into an attacking mode the second-half and really put it on them. That was our goal."

WR Wilbur Hooks on his TD: "Initially it was a backside post the X had to run. Cody got flushed, so we did our scramble rule and he hit me in the back of the end zone."

"I think we did come out sluggish. One thing Coach Neuheisel asked us before the game was no three-and-outs and we did that the first series of the game. It seems that over the years we come out a little flat sometimes and we need to find a way to come out stronger. We can't afford to be messing around and have to make these third and fourth-quarter comebacks. We need to put games away early and make sure we get our guys off the field. We came back with 34, which is a good statement for us, but we need to make sure we come out and do that in the first half."

"We want to be the best receiving corps in the country. Reggie Williams is one of the best already but we need to be the best as a whole. I've already told Cody that we should average 300 yards a game passing. That's our attitude about it. Of course we want to run the ball but we want to catch the ball too. We'll argue with Rich after the game about it. (laughs) Who got more rushing yards or passing yards."

SS Greg Carothers, on leading the team in tackles: "I really didn't expect to make that many tackles today. I wanted to, but after the first half I didn't think there was any way I was going to do that. There are a lot of things I can learn from this tape, so I'll go back and watch it and hopefully we'll all learn from it."

"I can't speak for the offense, but for us I think it needed to start with the defense. We have motivational coaches. Coach Neuheisel knows how to get his players going. But in this case it had to start with us. They are putting us in a position to make plays and we just weren't doing it. We didn't get the rush we needed and we weren't getting the coverages we needed…and it had to start as a group."

"I didn't notice the booing but I did notice that there weren't a lot of cheers. You would look around and there weren't a lot of people in the stands. The second half came and we were trying to get everyone up…once that happened that made a huge difference. We started playing real well."

"I don't feel like we're there yet. We've got the personnel to get there. I think our personnel this year compared to last year is better suited for that. We come out expecting to make turnovers. The turnovers we got today were expected. We expect that from ourselves, and we just weren't getting it done in the first half."

On the off-week - "For myself, I need to work on my eyes. My eyes are killing me out there. I'm reading wrong things and it's getting me out of position. Once I sat down and narrowed in on what I had to do, it came easy. But in the heat of the moment, the first half and how things were going, I think I got flustered. Some of their stuff was hard to read, but really if I had kept my eyes where they needed to be I would have been on top of things."

QB Cody Pickett: "San Jose State is a good team. We basically were shooting ourselves in the foot. Take nothing away from them, they played a good game, but the mistakes we made were all self-caused. I fumbled, the fumble by the end zone and I forced one into Kevin (Ware) in the second half…that's a situation you get into when you have great receivers. I start forcing it in there. I keep thinking that since they are great receivers that I can just throw it up there and they'll go get it for me. So I put myself in bad situations."

"Coach Neuheisel just kept telling us that we were shooting ourselves in the foot, on offense especially. We're driving in the first quarter and I fumble…on the next drive we get down to the one-inch line and then have a miscue on the handoff. We were moving the ball…we just killed ourselves."

"That was a good game to get out of our system as an offense. We had lots of yards, but we could have had twice that many. All the mistakes we had were self-inflicted. Again, San Jose State played good, but our mistakes were self-caused."

On his own progress: "This was a good game. We did a lot of good things on offense, but a lot of bad things too. It was a good game to get out of our system, get those mistakes out of our system and hopefully we'll go forward from here. On of the biggest things for me is that I can't turn over the ball. And the miscue on the fumble at the goal line…those are two crucial mistakes you can't make. Those can turn a whole came around, especially that first option. We had some momentum and that would have gotten us going early." On ‘growing up': "He (Neuheisel) tries to get us going early, and that's just something we need to get better at. Sometimes we've had great starts and other times we've been sluggish. After that first series it seemed like we didn't get the ball back forever. And especially for me as a quarterback you like to get in a rhythm. And that's something you like to do early, get some passes completed and start moving the ball earlier."

SS Evan Benjamin: "We knew that the first half was not our best effort. In the second half we knew that we needed to get the crowd into it. I though that we did a lot better job against third down conversions in the second half. In the first half they kept us on the field a long time and we may have gotten fatigued."

"The halftime speech Neuheisel gave us ranks right up there. He didn't have much to say other than to play a lot better. Luckily we came out and persevered and played a lot better on D and O. They came out a lot more pumped than we did to start the game."

"I thought that at least I would get some time, but unfortunately Jimmy went down. I'm just trying to fill a role and make big plays when I get out there. I'm very comfortable out there, I feel good with our defensive line and linebackers that we put on the field. Today was an amazing day, once you make a big play it's an awesome feeling at home."

LB Ben Mahdavi: "Michigan had nothing to do with this game. We learned from what happened last week but then we let it go. We are now 1-1. Defensively today we didn't stop them on third down at all in the first half. We had fumbles in the red zone and it just didn't feel like us. We finished strong, though, and we have to keep that going. We have two weeks off now and we have to get a lot better. We did show that we are a better team and I'm pretty excited."

"The first half was pretty up-tempo and we didn't get off the field much. I came down the tunnel for the second half and I started twitching, so I headed back up the tunnel to get an IV. It won't happen again."

"Maybe we were overlooking our opponent. They were a good team. I know I wasn't overlooking them but maybe there were some that did."

"Their running back (5-5) was so small you couldn't see him. I had trouble picking him up."

DE Kai Ellis: "We came out sluggish. They were a worthy opponent, I'm not sure why we started so poorly. They came out of the tunnel excited to play us, like it was a bowl game."

"I think Manase had a good game today, with two sacks. Our defensive line is coming along. We had a few pass deflections and a couple of sacks, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I could've played better. I was looking for sacks but we won, so I'll take it."

"I'm getting chopped, and I'm working on that. I have to get my pads lower than them and keep my hands out when they try it. I'm getting used to it now." Top Stories