Broadhead ready to make his mark

Left-handed quarterbacks have a certain "gun-slinger" image that can be tough to live up to at times. Minico (Rupert, Id.) QB Dane Broadhead is one of the top signal-callers in the northwest heading into the 2007 season and he's a player that fits that lefty-mold, but he's patterned his game after one of the best quarterbacks in pro football and said control is the key to his success.

"As a kid, while I was growing up I always loved watching Peyton Manning play," Broadhead said recently. "He just makes things look so easy all the time and the way he just controls that offense -- I really want to be like that when I'm out on the field."

Control is definitely in Broadhead's vocabulary. He won the Spartans' starting job as a freshman in 2004 and has run head coach Tim Perrigot's sophisticated attack well for the past three years although he says he had some growing pains at first.

"My first two years were tough at times, but I had a good year last year," Broadhead said. "After being in the same system for two years, last year I was able to just go out there and do what I can do.

"Since we throw so much on timing and so quick, I really had to work on getting my sets quickly and just getting the ball out so our receivers could be in space. After I figured out how to do that it came pretty easy to me."

Last year, as a junior, Broadhead completed 59-percent of his passes for 1,850 yards, 16 touchdowns and seven interceptions while also running for over 400 yards and five more scores on the ground.

"We're a spread team so we throw it quickly," Broadhead said. "I have to make my reads real quick and get the ball out.

"We run some zone-option and stuff like that, but a lot of what I do (running the ball) is based on a pass-play breaking down and then I can take off and make a play with my feet.

"I prefer to get the ball to my receivers and let them get the touchdowns, but if I have to hurt a team with my legs, I'm more than happy to do that too."

As far as recruiting is concerned, Broadhead's mailman has been busy stuffing his mailbox with letters from several programs.

"I talked to Oregon State and they said they are very interested in me," Broadhead said. "They want me to come down to their junior day on June 10th so I'm going down for that.

"Oregon is having a half-day thing on June 9th after the Nike Combine. I'll head down for that and then head up to Corvallis for the Beavers' thing the next day."

Another school that has made inquiries into Broadhead is Stanford.

"They said they're already looking at my film and that they like what they've seen so far," Broadhead said. "They are having a junior day after spring break and I'll probably head down to that too.

"I'm also very interested in Washington. They've been sending me quite a bit of stuff and I like them and am interested in heading over to their summer camp.

"I haven't really firmed up any camp plans yet, but I'll sit down with my parents and decide what I'm going to do pretty soon."

Other schools that are contacting Broadhead include Washington State, Boise State and Idaho.

"I'm going to Idaho's junior day on April 7th to check them out too," Broadhead said. "Boise State has been sending me a lot of stuff and I've gotten a few things from Washington State, but they aren't really sending me that much stuff right now.

"I'm pretty much open to everyone, but I'd like to stay out west if the opportunity comes up to play out here. Wherever I get the chance to play though, that's where I'll head."

We'll have more from Broadhead as the spring evaluation period gets underway.

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