Kentridge's Turner: ‘Football is what I love'

Dual-sport athletes aren't a rarity in high school and they're becoming even more prevalent in college as well. Kentridge ATH Brandon Turner is a successful multi-sport prospect, but he knows where his future lies and he won't let fatigue stop him from getting better at the game he loves so much, but first he had to finish up what he started on the hardwood.

The Chargers basketball team had a great state tournament run, ending when they lost in the 4A championship game in a double-overtime thriller to Ferris High School from Spokane.

"It was amazing," Turner told recently. "At first I was out there to run hard and get conditioning, but most of the guys grew on me. We had a great senior class and it was really fun and I guess it helped my recruiting."

At the end of the first overtime, Turner had a chance to win the game with a wide-open look, but he was unable to get it to fall.

"I went up to my coach and said ‘I really want to take the shot' because I said it before to him and back in districts I hit it to move us on, so he drew up a play for us and I caught the ball and I threw it up and it was close, but my shots just weren't falling that game," Turner said.

"I dropped 18, then 15 and another 18 throughout the whole tournament and then I come to final game and I go 0-8 on my three-pointers so it just wasn't my night."

Following the game, Turner arrived at home at 2:30 a.m. and no one would have blamed him if he had wanted to sleep in, but that isn't what he's made of. He was one of the first players to show up at the University of Washington for the Greg Barton Football Camp the next day.

"I woke up at 7 o'clock and went to church and thanked the Lord for the great game and the great run that He gave us and then I went straight to what I love – football," Turner said. "It's what I do and it's a big part of my life and it's what I was raised on. Whatever I can do or if there's any opportunity to better myself or get my name out there, then I'm going to do it."

Many in attendance at the camp said you couldn't tell Turner only got 4.5 hours of sleep. In fact there wasn't much of a let up at all as he performed well in all the drills during the fast-paced two hour session.

Turner's name is definitely out there. Schools from across the west have shown him interest and he's also made some camp and combine plans as well.

"Coach (Tyrone) Willingham has been at my school and coach (Mike) Bellotti has been to my school," Turner said. "The coach for UNLV was here and coach (Mike) Levenseller (from Washington State) has been to my school too.

"I plan on going to a couple combines. My team goes to Washington State's camp and I'll go to U-Dub's camp and possibly Oregon's Camp. I'll definitely be at the Nike Camp and the Scout Combine too."

Turner is a versatile athlete who will play quarterback this fall for his team because of his playmaking skills, but the college coaching staff's he's hearing from have told him they think he'll end up somewhere else.

"For my high school team I'll definitely be playing quarterback and either safety or corner," Turner said. "I think I'll end up at free safety – I might have to put on a couple more pounds – but I really would like to play wide receiver though."

Turner said one of the things that would set him apart as a receiver is his experience at quarterback.

"I think I know how to run my routes efficiently and have a presence on the field," Turner said. "Being a quarterback, I know the importance of having that relationship with my receiver.

"I know what to do and how to run my routes and make it better for the quarterback to throw the ball to me. If I position myself correctly and keep the defensive back behind me then there will be less of a chance for an interception."

Things will heat up for Turner this spring as the evaluation and contact period starts and we'll have more from him in the months to come.

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