Quotes from Gilby and others

Husky Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson's mood was in stark contrast to last weekend's post-game locker room. In Michigan he sat slumped up against a wall, barefoot, holding his socks and staring down at the ground. This week he was downright jocular.

"It's sure nice to know that you have the ability to break a long one. It was a great play by Reggie, very few guys are going to run him down, he is so fast," said Gilbertson of Williams' record-breaking TD reception.

"We have six wide receivers (Williams, Arnold, Reddick, Frederick, Jackson, Hooks) that we play all over the place. There is a temptation to do what we did in Idaho and throw on every down for the next 60 minutes. But we need some balance with the running game, although there is that temptation to pitch it around the yard."

Still licking his chops at the thought of running and gunning, Gilbertson continues day dreaming of the possibilities. "I think about it every day with all those guys on the field. Just get in the gun, snap it and go. There is a great temptation to play like that. But I don't know if that's good for your team or your defense to play like that."

Gilbertson is happy with the current offense, but there is still room for great improvement. "From an offensive standpoint, that was nowhere near as complete a day as we are capable of having. During the first half, we only had 21 snaps up until the 2:00 drive so we didn't have many chances. We turned the ball over two times as we were going in to score, so I am very disappointed in that. I was very disappointed in the red zone play, although Kevin Ware did score that touchdown. That was quite obvious and that would have made it a bit more tolerable. When you get the ball first and goal at the one, you have to put it in the end zone."

"We did move the ball pretty consistently in the first half, but San Jose State had the ball the whole half. In the second half, we were very consistent. We would have had five or six scores in a row had they given Kevin that touchdown."

Even though Pickett is racking up yards all over the place, Gilbertson believes his quarterback has plenty more room to shine. "Honestly, I think Cody is capable of playing better than he has played. I thought this week was an okay game and I thought last week was an okay game. He can't throw a pick in the endzone and we have to score when we have the ball at the one-yard line. I am not laying it all on him, but those were instances where he had his hands on the ball."

From the sideline: Several former Huskies were on the sideline on Saturday. Todd Elstrom, Elliot Silvers, Willie Hurst, Sam Blanche, and Ken Walker took in the action from field level yesterday. Here is what some of their thoughts were, being spectators in Husky Stadium for the first time.

BC Lion running back Willie Hurst: "This is unbelievable. Before the game I was nervous like I was about to play. A lot of the older guys told me it would be like this from now on when you come back. This will take some getting used to. It's great to see familiar faces, to come back home. All the fans, it's great. Home is right here. I've injured my knee so I'm out for the rest of the season, but I hope to come back for the playoffs. BC is on a 4-game winning streak right now, hopefully we can keep it going."

Former Husky LB Sam Blanche: "This is tough. It had to end sometime and I guess it ended when I graduated. I was the first in my family to do that. It feels good, overall. I'm working at First Interstate, training. It is great to see my man "TP" (Tony Parrish) playing for the San Francisco 49ers for Steve Marriucci. Steve recruited me when he was at Berkeley, so tell him that I'm here and to call me, and we'll make it happen."

Former Husky LB Ken Walker: "I got released from Tampa Bay so I'm just trying to work out, stay in shape, and hopefully get picked up by another team. My agent is handing that for me. Coming back here and not being able to put the pads on is very different. It's like letting your children grow up, you can't help them and just have to let them go. It's tough."

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