Is Radovich down to two?

Drew Radovich never thought it would ever be like this. The 6-5, 285-pound lineman from Mission Viejo, California knew he could compete and help his team be good, but the hype? He may not understand why he's considered by many to be the best offensive lineman in California, or the entire West Coast for that matter, but he is aware of the attention.

"It's pretty big," Drew told about the recruiting process and how it has grown beyond his wildest imagination. "I never thought I would get it this big, like being a national recruit and all that crazy stuff...being the number one offensive lineman in California or the West Coast...that's a lot of hype to fill. It's weird. It's puts a bullseye on me that's for sure. It's like, 'Look, I beat Drew Radovich on a pass play.', so whoop-de-do, good for you. I'll get you on the next play. I definitely think I'll be playing everyone's best player, so it's a challenge to me too."

Radovich has been bulking up a little, and expects to be tipping the scales at 285 by the time the season starts this coming weekend. "I'm up a little bit," he said. "It's hard to keep it on during two-a-days. I'm up and down. That's just what I'll be in two weeks. I'm around 278-280 right now. I'm eating a lot of poultry - chicken, fish, steak...stuff like that."

While most high school coaches already knew about Radovich last year, he didn't jump onto the national recruiting scene until he ran his wicked 4.03 shuttle time, a time that may never be seen from another 285-pounder again. It's incredible and a testament to his work ethic that Drew continues to work on improving his burst and first step. "I didn't make any college camps," he said. "I wasn't too big on those. I just stayed at home and worked out and went to an optional attack workout for speed and agility to make my first step faster. We just had two-a-days last week, which was fun."

One of the reasons Radovich has been able to improve year after year is due to his coaching. His line coach at MV is Marty Spaulding, who is also known as the line coach for all the NIKE camps throughout the country. "It's great," Drew said of his relationship with Spaulding. "He's like my second Dad. I hated it my sophomore year because he was so hard on me, trying to get me better and better. Slowly I started getting better and he got a little nicer. Now it's senior year and I know the offense like the back of my hand. He doesn't really talk to me much anymore. He coaches the other kids. But it's so much fun playing for him. Just his presence makes you feel like you have to play your best every day. I love playing for him."

It's his immense talent, coupled with Spaulding's teachings that have schools from all over the country drooling over the prospect of having Radovich on their team next year. All the Pac-10, as well as Colorado, Nebraska, Miami and Oklahoma called the Radovich's September 1st. There were two calls that stood out - Washington and Colorado. "Coach Myers talked to me," Drew said. "I love talking to him. He's a great guy. I could really see myself playing for him and the same goes for the Colorado coach. It's going to be a hard decision when it comes down to signing day."

Official visits are still a ways away. "I'm going to set those up when my season is done," he said. "Colorado, Washington, USC and UCLA. Those four I'll visit, unless some school blows me away or something. I don't know. My mind changes everyday. But definitely Colorado...and now Washington." Top Stories