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Huskies Unleash Second Half Blitz
Race Bannon

Admiral Fitz Hill, commander of the San Jose fleet, was overhead at halftime musing about waking a sleeping giant. His worst fears were realized as an inspired group of Huskies returned to the field for the second half and proceeded to dismantle the game but undermanned Spartans.

The first half saw a plucky group of Spartans bamboozle the sleeping Dawgs with a well-conceived offensive attack and an opportunistic defense that blunted two Husky drives deep into the red zone with turnovers. A slumbering crowd expressed their displeasure and returned to their Nordstorm catalogues.

We would be remiss not to give credit to San Jose, in particular the 5 foot 5 inch Mini-Me version of Napoleon Kaufman, Lamar Ferguson, who thrilled the crowd with his daring and courageous runs into and around much larger defenders.

We have come to expect the Husky coaches to adjust during halftime, and we were not disappointed on Saturday, as the Dawgs who returned for the second half were a much more rabid bunch than the lap Dawgs slept walked through the first half.

The Huskies took control with a 15 play drive, eight passes and seven runs, and then let loose the Dawgs of the defense with a man to man, in your face, pressure package that melted the resolve of the South Bay visitors. A welcome sight to many, the defense held San Jose to under 60 yards for the half, while the Husky O rolled up close to 400 yards.

Reggie Williams electrified the Husky Stadium crowd like only the greatest have over the years, with his 89-yard sprint to the end zone after receiving a nine-yard Cody Pickett pass. Reg-gie, Reg-gie, Reg-gie showed the heart of a champion as he felt he had to answer for his Michigan performance.

Reggie, you don't have to answer for anything, just keep doing what you do so well.

The Dawgs have the week off, and hope to polish the attack to answer the many experts who seem inclined to write them off. A crisp execution of Wyoming, or crisp execution should keep the dogs at bay for another week.

This grizzled scribe offers his congratulations to both Rick Neuheisel and Barbara Hedges for coming to agreement on a six-year extension to Rick's contract. This ride is just beginning, and if you do not like watching the best athletes in the nation performing feats of wonder each week, then you are probably bummed by the news. I know many of our neighbors are.
Fife Performs His First Miracle
Mallard N. Moore

Jason Fife overcame a potentially disastrous turnover and took advantage of his sturdy defense late play to get another chance and lead the Ducks to an absolute rout of a great Fresno State team.

Certainly some will mock this near defeat over a crippled team playing freshman back ups at many key positions, but that is just plain stupid. Experts agree that Fresno State is much better than Michigan, and to play Fresno in Eugene is much harder than playing Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Coach Bellotti took a conservative approach to the game that had some at Autzen booing yet another 2-yard run up the middle. Those miscreants were quickly identified, removed, and shot. Their seats will be given to needy landlords in the area.

O Smith got his hundred and Jason Fife showed he could handle adversity, so book those Fiesta bowl packages now. The defense was Emtman like as usual, other than several long runs and wide-open receivers. Fortunately, the quarterback missed most of them. Special teams were sharp other than the many long returns given up.

It was a good tune up for the upcoming brutal stretch against Idaho and Portland State. The Ducks will have to turn it up a notch to remain unbeaten.
Cougs – Vandals Now 2-2 Since Rose Bowl
Rob Bobertson

Mike Price got a giant monkey off his back with a big win over Idaho at Martin-Vandal Stadium on Saturday. Breathing a sigh of relief at evening up the series since 1997, Price now looks forward to easier times in Columbus, Ohio next week.

As usual, I can tell you the final score was 49-14, but not much else. I once again spent the afternoon drinking, like all good Cougs do, and have no idea what happened. Duckfighter Illustrated rarely prints my game wraps anyway, so I do not think it will matter.

Idaho also catches a break, as they head to Eugene to play the reeling Ducks.
Beavers Romp Over Temple in Flag Day Game
Benny B. Eaver

The Oregon State Beavers continue to look like the class of the northwest after a rousing rout of a great Big East Temple team in Philadelphia. Unlike other northwest schools who struggled on the road, and the rest who never go on the road, Coach Erickson brings his Miami philosophy to Corvallis. Play anyone, anywhere, as long as they are a Big East patsy.

Note to Cane fans- just kidding people - please forgo the bomb threats.

Derrick Anderson continues to work his way into a comfort zone. The Beavers have an impressive stable of receivers for Derrick to throw to, and the Sour Mash defense continues to shut opponents down and collect personal fouls at a record clip.

Beaver fans can't wait for the Civil War.
The Future Holds....
Race Bannon

The Ducks enter the teeth of their brutal home schedule by entertaining the Vandals. It's a test, but one that the mighty Fresno State Bulldogs have prepared the Ducks for.
Oregon 56, Idaho 12

Oregon State kicks off the new TBS package Saturday against UNLV and John Robinson. I doubt if Robbie has ever lost to OSU, but the first time is now.
OSU – 35, UNLV – 17

The big game of the week, the marquee match up, the chance for glory, the Cougars statement game is Saturday at the Big Horseshoe against Ohio State. Our call is that the statement will read: "No funds available."
Ohio State – 31, WSU – 21

The California Golden Bears have been surprisingly good this year. Now Cal faces Michigan State in a reality check. Reality bites, Bears.
Michigan State 38, Cal 17

And Finally . . .
Miami obliterated Florida at the Swamp. It looks like the Canes are finally as awesome as their fans have been saying for years. It seems unfair that they have two full defensive lines when most Pac 10 teams don't even have one . . . . . Oklahoma held off probation child Alabama in a classic at Norman. It was the Crimson Tide's bowl game and they played like it, but just came up short. By the way, why does Alabama have an elephant for a mascot? . . . . UCLA was impressive, beating a Colorado State team that had played two games, while this was the Bruins first contest. QB Drew Olsen will be the starter before the season ends . . . . USC gets their shot at Barney's Buffs this week. Look for a Trojan rout.

A moment of reflection and thanks to all those who have given and are preparing to give their all for the defense of this land as we mark the one year anniversary of the brutal and unprovoked attack on New York and Washington DC. May we never forget.

And we remember those Husky fans that were tragically lost one year ago in Mexico. God speed to all.

Thanks for reading.
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