Is Terence Thomas the next Husky?

He isn't sure why he became a fan, but Terence Thomas started to like the Washington Huskies in middle school and hasn't stopped liking them - even when there were good reasons to jump off the bandwagon. So when Thomas opened up a FedEx package Thursday night, he couldn't believe what he saw. It was an official scholarship offer from the University of Washington.

"I was a little in shock," Thomas told understandably Friday night. "They are my favorite college, and now to get an offer from's just the most obvious choice."

Along with the offer came a hand-written note from Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham. Thomas couldn't wait to call Willingham up, so he did it when he got to his high school in Caldwell, Idaho. "I probably shouldn't have done that," he laughed.

"He talked about how I needed to be keeping up with my core classes, because they moved the requirements up," Thomas added. "He also talked to me about how they are looking to improve the quality of their team.

One way to do that is to find players that are 6-foot-8 and 295 pounds and have a 41-inch sleeve that are also athletic enough to snowboard. The Huskies found such a person in Terence Thomas. "Yeah, I think with my long arms, it's pretty tough for anyone to get around me," he said.

Thomas, who had played under his father Tom at Homedale High, moved to Caldwell for his senior season - presumably as a step up in competition in the hopes that his play might attract some scholarship offers this fall. The Thomases didn't have to wait long, as Idaho State was the first to send Terence an offer.

Then the Huskies came calling. "I went to visit up there a couple of times in the summer, and it gave me a chance to see the school, which was great," Thomas said. "And then I came up for the Arizona State game. That was a great game. I went to the players' locker room before the game, which was something I had never done before."

It would appear as if Terence Thomas would have every reason to make a verbal commit to his dream school. As he said, it's an obvious choice. But he hasn' least formally.

"When I talked to Coach Willingham, I didn't talk at all about a decision," he said. "But I'll probably call him back next week. I'm going to try and make it up to a practice this spring. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go.

"I'd probably commit to them as of right now. I haven't told the coaches, but I've told myself."

Most likely it sounds as if Thomas will make his pledge a formal one when he visits the team this spring. "My guess is that I would probably commit," Thomas said. "It's the most likely choice."

Thomas already visited Idaho, eventually receiving 11 hand-written notes from all the Vandal coaches. "Boise State wants to talk to me next week," he added. "Montana and Oregon State are also showing a lot of interest."

But it's safe to say the Huskies appear to be in a commanding position to land Terence Thomas' LOI come February of 2008. Top Stories