Magee talks about SJS game

In attendance at last Saturday's Washington-San Jose State game was O'Dea's Keandre Magee. Since September 1st, the 6-2, 225 linebacker prospect's recruitment has begun to warm up, evidenced in part by his presence on the Husky sideline.

"I thought it was a good game," Magee told of the matchup between Washington and San Jose State last Saturday. "They played good defense in the second half, because I got there kind of late so I just saw the 10-0 part. They had some key turnovers. I like what they did with their defense."

So was the defensive prospect impressed by what the Huskies did on the other side of the ball? Reggie Williams 89-yard TD catch for instance? "Oh yeah, that was tight," he said.

Schools that have called Magee have a distinct Northwest feel to them--"I've talked to Oregon, Portland State, and UW," he said--but expect that to change within the upcoming weeks as Magee and his coaches send game film to coaches around the Pac-10. "Oregon seems the most interested in me right now. Probably them and the U-Dub [have shown the most interest] lately, but I'm going to send tapes to other schools and stuff to see if I can get them looking at me too."

For the Huskies part, Coach Gilbertson is the one keeping tabs on Magee, and although no offer has been extended to the O'Dea standout, Magee noted that Gilbertson wished him good luck on his season and that the Huskies would be following his progress closely.

The O'Dea Irish open the 2002 season Friday against Central Kitsap, and Magee looks forward to seeing some new faces ont the other side of the ball. "I'm ready to hit somebody else," he said. Top Stories