Five former Dawgs and their thoughts

During Saturday's full-pads workout at Husky Stadium, the sidelines and stands had several familiar faces to Huskies fans old and new.'s Kim Grinolds spoke with five former players about the state of the program and, with one in particular, about the recognition of the 1960 team as national champions.

George Fleming –

On if the team felt they should have been number one in 1960: "It was a different era because then they selected the number one team before the bowl games rather than after the bowl games. We never sat around and said ‘Hey, we're national champs' but we did feel very strongly that we had beat the number one team in the nation and that we felt based upon that and based upon our performance and based on the other team that was being considered at the time, Mississippi, we felt that we should have been crowned as the number one team."

On if they felt slighted by Washington: "I'm sure that most of the fellas on the team, I'm not sure if we really thought about whether it was the University of Washington that had forgotten us or whether it was the national media and the boards that make those decisions, I haven't had conversations with other members of our team who're saying ‘Hey, the University of Washington is not considering us the national champions' because you didn't think about where that process went.

"I think most of the players quite naturally probably feel very strongly about it because that's a hell of an honor to be named the number one team in the nation and to be given some recognition of our team and what we had accomplished by the University of Washington, I think it's an outstanding feat on their part."

On when he first heard about the university recognizing the team: "It really didn't hit me offhand because when I first heard about it I was down in L.A. and I just happened to be staying at the same hotel that all the Pac 10 basketball teams were staying and I was out in the lobby and I happened to see Rick Redmond, an ex-member of the Huskies, and I went over and said hello and he said ‘have you heard?' and I said ‘have I heard what?' and he said ‘have you heard that U-Dub is supposed to be planning a celebration to recognize your team as national champion' and I said ‘that's news to me, this is the first I heard' and I said ‘hey that's outstanding' but that's the first time I've heard of it was this last March."

Spencery Marona –

On the Husky Drill and all of the "old-timers" getting to watch: "That was exciting. I wanted to get in the middle of that until I realized my arms would fall off at my shoulders. I'm going in for shoulder surgery number five on Thursday.

On what he's been up to: "Spencer Marona is creating a lot of babies. I have number three on the way and I'm working in corporate real estate at a tenant representation firm."

On defensive line coach Randy Hart: "Listening to coach Hart yell it never gets better than that, it's like Christmas for him. That's what he used to say."

On seeing an old friend: "Kyle Benn -- he's my second son's godfather. Kyle and I had more battles than you can imagine while I was playing nose guard and he was playing center and now we're best friends so it's always good to come back here and catch up with him. Go Dawgs."

Lawyer Milloy

On what it's like to be back at Montlake: "It feels good. It always brings back memories just to see guys out here wearing the purple and gold proudly and running around here, that's what it's all about."

On what it means to be a Husky: "I tried to control the whole field. There's so many memories it's hard to pinpoint just one. We had a lot of pride when we walked onto this field and walked into this stadium and that's what I felt when I walked in here today."

On why he hasn't been back that much: "My whole career I haven't come back too much because I've been focused on, wherever I played, on being there in he offseason workouts just being a leader and showing my face for those organizations in the NFL. But now I'm getting a little bit older and I'm looking at retirement in a couple of years and I definitely need to start showing my face because it's one thing for coach (Tyrone) Willingham to try and get the message across about the tradition here, about how proud you have to be to wear the colors, but I think it's just as important that some of the older players, the guys who've had success after their years here, be it the NFL or a regular nine to five, to come back and to talk about it also because we're the guys that can really get the message across easier, because we actually did it also."

On what it means to him to be back: "It's always good to see old friends. That's one thing that's never documented in any sport is the friendships that you gain when you're on those teams respectively. That's what we're talking about now, just old times, in fact we just got done talking about the Miami game, we went down there and ended their home game streak and all that.

"That game was our Rose Bowl because we were sanctioned at that point so that was a game that was embedded in our hearts and our souls and we went down there and played out hearts out."

On where Willingham has the program headed: "I really believe in him as a person. I've met him personally. We had the same agent for a while and just meeting with him the few times I have and I've been very impressed with him not only as a coach, but as a person. I really believe in his vision and what direction he wants this program to go to and he's invited the older players to come back and that's good to have that invitation.

"As an older guy, coming back, you like to feel like you're welcome. Individually, I stayed here when the team went under the sanctions, I actually could have gone somewhere else, but it was because I believed in this university and this program and when I made my decision to go to the NFL, I don't think that was reciprocated. I don't think the loyalty was there from one guy and that's all I have to say about that.

"Now, that relationship with the coach is a lot better now and I definitely feel like coach Willingham wants the older guys to show our face and interact with some of these young guys and not just about football, but life in general because this is a heck of a head start that these young guys are taking advantage of. Not only in the sports arena, but also get your education because you've got to have something to fall back on and when I listen to coach talk that's what he's all about. He wants them to be complete men when they leave this organization and that's what Don James tried to instill in us and that's how I feel."

Scott White

On if he wanted to be out on the field: "They're hitting too hard and I like how my body feels right now.

"It's always fun and you watch a lot of the guys that you came up with and a lot of the coaches coaching and you see it from a different perspective now than you did a year ago. It's a little bit different, but it's fun at the same time."

On what he's been up to: "Getting ready for the Draft. Hopefully I get my name called and if not I'll just be looking for the opportunity to get out there and show what I can do.

"I work out at Velocity with guys like Stanley Daniels and a lot of the NFL guys that are up there and went to school around Washington. Got a trainer and I'll see what happens."

C.J. Wallace

On what he's doing to prepare for the Draft: "Just working out right now; visiting with some teams and working to better my stock as a player – getting bigger, stronger and faster and just waiting for the Draft."

On his stock: "I'm hearing my stock is going up I just met with Seattle. I went to a workout yesterday and weighed in at 218 and I feel like I'm faster and much bigger and just hoping for the best right now.

"I thought I lost weight so it feels good and it was shocking to step on the scale and see it was 218 and I feel basically the same. I'm moving the same and I'm faster."

On how it feels to not be going through spring practices: "It feels real weird coming out here and watching with no pads on and stuff like that, but I guess it's the life I'm going to have to get used to and I had a good time playing here." Top Stories