Vancouver receiver earning his way

Brig Walker is a 6-0, 192-pound receiver prospect from Vancouver (Wash.) Evergreen, and Walker headed down to Eugene, Oregon this summer to see how he measured up with the best athletes the Northwest has to offer. What did he find out? He found out he belongs, and apparently others, especially schools in the Pac-10 and Ivy League, agree.

"I had a great experience there," Walker told about his NIKE camp experience. "I was able to get a perspective as to if I can play with the best players in the Northwest. I'm right there." Brig consistently runs a sub-4.5 40. "I'm right in the 4.46, 4.47 range." He also claims a 300-pound bench, 275-pound power clean and 32.8" vertical jump.

Brig's primary position is at receiver, but he wants everyone to know that he doesn't prefer one side or the other. He simply wants an opportunity to play. "I could see myself playing on either side," he said. "I just love playing. I feel like I'm intense enough and have the tools to play defense. Strong safety or outside linebacker, which is what Oregon State is recruiting me at."

Attention is definitely turning Walker's way. "Every Pac-10 team has contacted me except for the Arizona and LA teams," he said. "Oregon State was calling me the most at the time. Now I would say it's Stanford and Washington. I think interest is peaking now because of the NIKE camp and the other camps I went to this summer." He attended camps at Oregon and Oregon State and also participated in Washington's passing league the day after the Oregon NIKE camp.

While the interest seems to be there, nobody has taken the leap yet with a written offer. "I don't have any offers yet," Brig said. "Almost every coach has told me that they want to see tape and see how I progress as a player."

So who is talking to Brig for the Dawgs? "I talked to Coach (Randy) Hart," he said. "They saw my tape and said they like my skills as a receiver and would like to see me in purple and gold. They want to try and set up a visit too. I also went to their Junior Day."

Walker has been fairly pro-active in the recruiting process so far. "I've actually already been to every Pac-10 campus. We have family in California and I've seen all the Northwest schools. I also went to the Fiesta Bowl. It would be nice to see what they have again, but I'm also very serious about the Ivy League and might take some trips back East."

Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Cornell and Pennsylvania are the Ivy League schools that have been talking to Brig. Top Stories