Saturday Scrimmage Report

After struggling in last Saturday's scrimmage, the offense got off to a slow start, but quickly picked up the tempo and finished the day strong. Louis Rankin was the star of the day providing several big plays and being a much more consistent runner. Here's a recap of what was seen by those in attendance at Husky Stadium for scrimmage number two.

Offensively, Jake Locker looked a bit more precise in his passes hitting Corey Williams on his first pass of the day for a 39-yard completion between CB Matt Mosley and S Jay Angotti. The pass was thrown beautifully over the outside shoulder so that only Williams had a chance to catch the pass.

After that pass, the Husky offense stalled and K Jared Ballman missed on a 37-yarder.

Bonnell was a bit inconsistent with his passing, but he also made a couple of nice reads hitting D'Andre Goodwin for a first down and then hitting Rob Lewis for another quick gainer.

In the beginning of the practice, the receivers dropped way too many passes. Marcel Reece had a Locker pass go through his hands on third down. Cody Ellis also had one bounce off of his hands on fourth down. Both would have been tough catches in traffic, but those are plays that need to be made for the offense to consistenty move the ball.

The star of the day for the offense was RB Louis Rankin. The senior tailback showed excellent patience, but he didn't dance. He hit the hole and then moved to find a crease. It paid off with a 55-yard TD run that saws him break two tackles and then break the run to the outside where he outran the entire secondary for the score. Escorting him was Johnnie Kirton who got a good block on S Darrin Harris to spring Rankin.

Rankin also made several nice runs that kept drives alive including a 14-yard scamper from his own one yardline to give the offense a much needed first down and some room. Leading the way was FB Paul Homer.

For the receivers Reece had the best day. Even though he dropped a few passes early, he made some excellent plays late that included turning a short pass from Locker into a 14-yard touchdown pass. On the play Reece broke the tackles of Mosley and LB Austin Sylvester before sprinting into the endzone.

Rankin also got into the act catching the ball on a beautiful pass from Locker and running untouched into the endzone. He beat LB Matt Houston on the play.

The offensive line improved their pass-blocking a bit from last week, but they still are struggling to pick up the blitz packages being thrown at them. Juan Garcia, Morgan Rosborough and Casey Bulyca all did well run blocking and got good push on the goal line plays the team ran.

The goal line offense scored on each of it's possessions. Homer scored a four-yard touchdown behind Rosborough and Ben Ossai. FB Luke Kravitz got a touchdown running behing Ryan Bush and Jordan White-Frisbee.

Williams caught a four-yard touchdown pass from Bonnell in the back corner of the endzone over CB Jordan Murchison.

Defensively, unlike last week where E.J. Savannah and Donald Butler really jumped to the forefront, it was a quiet day with a few exceptions.

DT Cameron Elisara got good penetration on a couple of plays and batted down a pass from Locker to, what would have been, a wide open Kirton.

CB Desmond Davis made several plays in the backfield on Locker and Bonnell and it appeared that Houston was on his game most of time as well. Houston had two "sacks" on Locker and generally was around the ball most of the day.

DE Ceasar Rayford had another good scrimmage. Locker looked to throw to throw quickly to his left and Rayford got his hand on the pass causing an incompletion on third-and-short.

Sylvester and LB Linus Chou combined to drop Hasty on a second-and-short and the offense stalled on the next play. It's plays like that that allow the defense to get out of drives and give the ball back to their offense.

CB Roy Lewis had a quiet day, but that's because the offense rarely threw to his side. He ran really well with a couple of receivers (Goodwin, Williams and Charles Hawkins).

Mosley was thrown at quite a few times today. He played the ball well most of the time, but on one play he whiffed on Rankin as he went in too high to make the tackle, Rankin ducked and then scampered another six yards before he was taken down.

Overall, as head coach Tyrone Willingham said, it was a mixed bag -- some good and some bad -- but the team seems to be improving in certain areas and the comments from those in attendance seems to be that they are progressing nicely.

Some players seeing red: Savannah sat out the practice, but was dressed in full pads. He suffered a stinger -- on the opposite shoulder from the one he suffered last year -- and watched a majority of the practice.

Wide Receivers Quintin Daniels and Anthony Russo both were out of pads and watched from the sidelines. Both are still nursing nagging leg injuries.

Recruits and signees in the house: Husky signees Nate Williams, Chris Izbicki and Scott Shugert were all in attendance and all three spoke to their respective position coaches. Randy Hart also ventured over to talk to Shugert while Mike Denbrock was talking to the big man from Oregon.

Several 2008 recruits were also in attendance. Eastlake QB Ryan Robertson, Kamiak CB Justin Glenn, Lakes QB Calvin Schmidtke and Kamiak LB Marcel Seely, who is a 2009 recruit, were all seen on the sidelines.

The schedule: Washington concludes spring practices next week with four workouts during the week and then the spring game on Saturday (April 28th) at 12:45 p.m.

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