Vince Taylor is a Husky spoke Thursday night with Julia Taylor, mother of Vince 'Dee' Taylor, and Julia confirmed that Vince verbally committed to Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham during a meeting earlier in the day.

Vince, who goes by 'Dee' in his family so as not to confuse him with his uncle on his mother's side - who is also named Vince - was at Washington today to have a chat with Willingham. He brought his mother, aunt and his head coach from Eastside Catholic - Bill Marsh - with him. 'Dee' is short for 'DiErmaigh - a combination of his uncle's middle name and his grandmother's first name.

"We were just chatting," Julia recalled. "It was about who he (Willingham) was and what the program is all about. He said that if you think you've found what you wanted, you don't need to look any further, because what you see is what we are.

"Half-way through the conversation, Dee looked at me and said, 'Mom, I want to commit now'."

So what was it about the talk that got to her son? "Coach Willingham made us feel very secure about sending Dee to Washington," Julia said. "He wasn't a car salesman. I can tell when I'm being sold and I hate that! He was more like a parent, and came across as caring - not just about football - but also about Dee becoming a man of excellence."

The only time Taylor has had a chance to talk to his future Head Coach was when he was offered - this past Monday during a talk with Willingham and Marsh. "Dee was never a Husky fan, but after that day and meeting with Coach (Charlie) Baggett, he became one," Julia said. "I remember Dee coming home and saying, 'I really like that coach'.

"He's also told me that he's been praying about this decision."

Despite a lot of interest from schools like Washington State, Oregon and California, clearly the Washington coaches did a great job presenting the pluses of staying close to home and also the virtues of playing under a man like Willingham.

"We've been keeping an eye out for Coach Willingham every since he got here," Julia said. "Before there were a lot of headlines with players in trouble, and that's not happening on his watch."

It didn't hurt Willingham's cause that he's also going through the exact same process the Taylors are right now. Willingham's son Nathaniel will be a senior at Skyline and is in the same class as Dee.

"There were some things that were divulged to us in the conversation that made me feel like there were no secrets," Julia said. "It correlated with many of the decisions I've have to make for my son."

At the end of the meeting, the Taylors emerged from Willingham's office, only to be warmly greeted by the rest of the UW staff that happened to be in the building at the time. "They were all genuinely excited with the news," Julia said. "There were hugs for everyone. It was more like family."

From a mother's point of view, the recruiting process could not have gone any smoother or any better for her son. "Washington made the recruiting process into a fun experience," said Julia. "It wasn't stressful at all."

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