Coach Willingham Quotes from the spring game.

Willingham faced the media looking somewhat pleased with what he saw out on the field this afternoon, but mostly because they came out of the scrimmage with no injuries.

"My number one goal for this day was to get out of it healthy. With the exception of one finger (Derek Kosub) and one shoulder (Charles Hawkins), we did that. My other goal was to run around and play football and we did. I saw guys out there having fun, and playing hard."

Starting linebacker Dan Howell suffered an illness and could not participate. I cannot comment until probably next week.

"I was a little disappointed by the personal fouls, and there were a few drops and one bad fumble in there," said Willingham of some of the things that didn't go as well as he'd hoped.

When talking about senior starting wide out Marcel Reece, he said "The nice thing you saw today was that it was a continuation of what you saw at the end of last season. He started to pick up steam near the middle of last season. Now he has the system under his belt and has some other things in the right place."

Offensive Coordinator Tim Lappano also saw it. "He is a big time player for us, and if he does the things he needs to do and does what he's capable of doing, you are looking at an all-Pac 10 player and a guy that could play at the next level."

The quarterback controversy is nonexistent to Willingham. "We always want to work to identify out best quarterback but I'm very comfortable calling Jake our number one quarterback and Carl our number two quarterback. I like Jake as our quarterback. Both of them did some good things today, but Jake Locker is our quarterback and Carl Bonnell is our number two."

"You probably saw about 1/12th of what we'll be doing this fall," said Willingham about how curtailed the spring was in terms of how much of the playbook they chose to showcase.

Of the linebackers, Willingham likes his depth. "We have a very solid three-some (Dan Howell, EJ Savannah, and Donald Butler) with Chris Stevens as our fourth guy. I also thought that Matt Houston has done some good things this spring, and today he had an opportunity. I also think that Kyle Trew is coming on."

Now that spring is over, the message from Coach Willingham is clear. "We wanted to have a good spring, and we wanted to have a good spring game. Now that is all over. We start all over."

Asked if there were a certain percentage of players that he wants or expects to stick around this summer, he had an interesting answer. "It's not a question of how many guys stick around, they ALL should be here. And they all should be dedicated to doing the things that they need to do to help this team." Top Stories