Helix's 'other' star has loads of game

It's clear that if teams focus too much on Reggie Bush, Helix has other athletes that can more than pick up the slack. Derrell Hutsona proved that, going for 245 yards and three touchdowns in Helix's opening-game win over Oceanside. You can also put Charles Smith in that category of 'game-breaker', and plenty of top D1 schools throughout the country are banking that the 6-1, 170 athlete from San Diego can do just that for their team next fall.

"Pretty much receiver, but I have offers from two schools to play defensive back," Charles told Dawgman.com. "Mainly receiver, though." Notre Dame and Wisconsin are the two schools looking at Smith for defensive help. "I like playing receiver, but I wouldn't have a problem with playing DB. I just want to play. Wherever I can get in and play, that's what I'll do."

Coaches love Smith's 'intangibles'. "They say I'm big play guy and they like what I do when I don't have the ball," he said. "I'm not a selfish player. I'm always trying to do things to help our team win. That's what they say."

In track, Charles has jumped 6-4 in the high jump and 21-11 in the long jump. It's that type of athleticism, coupled with his 4.46 40 that has college coaches drooling. "All the Pac-10 schools except for USC and UCLA called," Smith said about September 1st, the first time colleges can re-initiate contact with high school recruits. "Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Utah, Colorado and Colorado State too."

His list of current offers is long and distinguished; Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Arizona, San Diego State, Wisconsin, Utah, Colorado, Notre Dame, Michigan and Oklahoma."

Figuring out official trip plans is next on Smith's agenda. It appears three teams have already made the cut. "I plan to set some up within the next two or three week to start narrowing it down. I know for sure I want to visit Oregon and Washington and right now I'm also thinking of Michigan as my third."

When it comes to talking with college coaches, Washington's Head Coach has made an impression on Charles. "I talked to Coach (Rick) Neuheisel," he said. "He tried to sweet talk me. (laugh) He's a great salesman. He's one of the few coaches that really has a good sense of humor when I talk to him. Most of the coaches I talk to are dry and don't have much to say, but I kind of enjoy talking to him because he has a sense of humor and he's not like most of the coaches."

The Huskies have made great inroads in the San Diego area, so will it pay off this year? "I know a couple of guys that went up there this year, Scott White and Stanley Daniels," Charles said. "And Khalif Barnes, he played in the same league that we do and he's a friend of mine. So yeah, from them I've only heard good things about Washington, so I'm definitely interested."

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