San Jose blues

This is Officer Lee Groinman, that's right, Seattle's most semi-disgusted cop. I suppose it was around Thursday afternoon when I declared myself recovered from the last minute "Tango in Ann Arbor." The penalties for doin' my own thinkin' can be harsh. Recovery can be more than a twelve-step process, might even take more than twelve days. . .

There's that damn number 12 again! I'll never bet on the number 12 never…ever!

Twelve, BAD . . .

Dear ol' departed Uncle Lee's words now come to mind. "Lee don't you ever, never say never, ever!"


Some years ago, I was channel surfin' when I came across an interview with Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon, the surviving members, and yes, the "Double Trouble" of Stevie Ray Vaughan's band. This interview took place just months after the August 27,1990 tragic death of Stevie Ray, the best-damned guitar player EVER!!

I still kick myself in the arse for passin' up the chance to see what would turn out to be Stevie's last concert in Washington, it was at the Gorge, I caught his act there his first time thru the Gorge, but his last show in this State?

Groinman, here was plantin' a new LAWN!! Thought it better to use that weekend to sow those wild seeds, besides, I'll just catch SRV his next time thru town…

Doin' my own thinkin' can be…so harsh.

So there in this interview was the classic media talkin' head, I don't think it was Barbara Walters, but it could have been a clone, she's askin' Chris Layton, Stevie Ray's drummer, the scripted questions, the "How do you feel?" And "What were your first feelings, when you first got the news of Stevie's death?" Yeah, those type of questions.

Chris Layton was still shaken, but I'll always remember his answer.

"I'm better…I'll never get over it, but I will get better."

I hate to be melodramatic, but that interview has played on my noggin' ever since Ann Arbor….

I think Uncle Lee would excuse the use of the word "never" here…

Yup, and so it goes.

Did ya' ever notice how much Chris Layton, SRV's drummer resembles Kim Grinolds?

A buddy of mine in Spokane, Scotty, Mr. "C", is a dead give-away for Stevie Ray Vauhgan, now if only Grinolds could just play the guitar…at least Scotty can sing. Scotty is the lead singer for a popular Spokane band, which goes by the name of "Miss Spent Youth." Hell…Scotty has gotta be dang near fifty now, but hey! It was a catchy name in the early 80's!

Any Cougars out there?

I once got Scotty up on stage at Gig Harbor's "Tide's" Tavern as a guest soloist, but then…that's another story…

So sorry for the digression.

I don't think anybody was ready to play San Jose State last Saturday, the players, the fans, the coaches, the whole gamut, well maybe the coaches, but coaches don't play the game . . . I mean, here we are, at the first home game of the season, and at camp Groinman, what are we are servin' up?

Shrimp-on-a-stick, those kabob things!!

What's next? White wine?

Who have we become?


I think NOT!

Watchin' the replay on FOX Sunday night, I had to agree with Sixkiller, the statement about how the team had "put the Michigan game behind them and were ready to play" was in Sixkiller's mind, just a verbal formality, in other words, cheap talk, they had to get out and play again. Thank God it took only a half, or a two quarters deal….

And not a twelve-step process…

We'll be fine.

So anyway, I gotta tell ya' this. We had a real special tailgate there last Saturday, for the San Jose State game - shrimp-on-a-stick and all - Rich Linde and his knock out wife Audrey, a.k.a. Mr. And Mrs. Malamute, joined us!

Last week we "tailgated" with Congressman Dicks, this week the Malamute's!

Ain't Husky football a trip!!


On a sad note, Mrs. Audrey Malamute – Linde - lost her mother just the day before. It was an expected event, but that never makes it any easier. I was surprised to hear my cell phone ring in Lot E-1. It was Malamute himself!

"I'm standing in front of the Tubby Graves building. And Groinman…You're LATE!!"

That's the spirit! The first game and all, and still 3 and a-half hours before kickoff.

I offered my condolences to the Malamutes and uttered my pleasure to see them here, considering the circumstances.

"Oh!" Audrey replied, "Once you marry a man by the name of Malamute, you never really have a choice, now do you?"


Audrey Malamute then gave me a mischievous wink, one that I'm sure even my wife Gloria would understand.

It's a DAWG'S world…

May God bless the Linde's. You'll never find a classier couple.

May God also bless all of those who will never forget, never get over, and especially the ones who died, during that senseless act of war, last September 11, 9-11-01. Never again, Uncle Lee would concur.

Kinda' makes football seem like just a game.

Hey! That 89-yard record-breakin' pass, for TD by Cody and Reggie? Damn! I think it's been since Napoleon that I've seen a man out run 5 guys who all had the angle on him!

"Whoa Nellie!!"

That's right. . .

So now it's the bye and then the Wyoming Cowboy's! No more Stanford-style tailgates, no more shrimp-on-the-barbie! I'm talkin' RED MEAT!!

RED MEAT under-the-lights . . . Rare.


Groinman's tip of the week: Speakin' of crowd control, YOU are hereby appointed captain of your row. It is up to YOU to make the difference, YOU are the die-hard! That's why you visit this site. YOU WILL, make the DIFFERENCE!!


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