In this issue: Huskies win Spring Game, 44-7, Huskies lose Spring Game, 44-7, Ducks continue to struggle at QB, Stanback Cowboys Up, Trojans train in Cayman Islands.

Husky Spring a Success
Race Bannon

Primary Care Giver Tyrone Willingham was pleased with the effort and the results of the just completed Spring Practice at the University of Washington.

"I feel that our student athletes are starting to grasp the concept of the concept that we would hope that they grasp conceptually as they proceed on their journey to get to where we hope to be when we get there."

The Huskies look a lot stronger up front than in recent campaigns and appear to have some nice depth along both lines of scrimmage. The defense hit hard and was spirited. The offense moved the ball all day. The depleted Gold team was over matched but competed hard. Returning skill players are improved and now the team awaits the large freshmen class due this fall to see who will step up to fill in the pieces and provide needed depth as Tyrone faces his third season as the Husky coach, er, primary care giver.

Of course the thousands in attendance were there to see Sophomore Sensation Jake Locker, but ended up seeing more of Senior Carl Bonnell, who shrugged off his bionically repaired shoulder to state his case for the starter job this fall. Locker was hindered by the touch football rules in place for the quarterbacks, so his true skill remains hidden under wraps until late August in upper New York state when the Huskies open the season at Syracuse.

In other campus news, the long awaited stadium renovation is headed for yet another committee to decide which committee to send it to after this committee reviews the work of the previous committees. Commissar Turner also warned that Husky Stadium is crumbling and needs immediate work now, which only solidifies the care and concern that the university has shown to the football program over the years. Turner continues to insist that he gets it and knows how important football is, so we have no choice but to stay tuned for further developments.

The outlook for this fall is a bowl for the Purple and Gold as the fabled Willingham system takes hold among the players and they buy into it and all that stuff. The fact is, the talent is on the upswing and the team is closer now to where it was when the team was going to bowls every year. If this staff is as good as advertised, they will turn it around on the field in their third season.
Ducks still struggling at QB
Mallard N. Moore

What in the name of Jeff Tedford, a name you better not say too loudly around Mike Bellotti, is going on at the QB position in Oregon? A struggling Dennis Dixon is the starter again, but looked ragged in the Spring scrimmage at no longer recently remodeled Autzen Arena.

The Ducks have yet another new offensive coordinator, this one from D1AA New Hampshire, with yet another version of a gimmick offense to teach to the Duck attack. With any luck Jonathon Stewart will finish his three years at UO totally wasted as a decoy in a spread offense while average quarterbacks are called on to carry the load.

The Ducks hope to rebound from last season's embarrassing, yet quite common, collapse at season's end that climaxed with a big time trip to the woodshed, courtesy of BYU, in the Moonlight Bunny Ranch Las Vegas Bowl. Stewart has yet to play on a bowl winner either. He was a back up as a freshman on the legendary 10-2 Holiday Bowl losing Duck squad.

As the Washington State prep crop teems with big time D1 talent this year, we point this out as a cautionary tale.

Pat Kilkenny continues to solidify his power base as the new Athletic Director. Mr. Kilkenny paid for the hit on the former AD, Bill Moos, the Olympia Bear legend whose life started to go tragically awry when he attended WSU, sending him on a path that ended badly at UO.

You know I got it
If you want come get it stand next to this money
Like – ey ey ey

Kilkenny, who has no experience as an AD, is in charge of getting a new basketball arena built on campus. As a helpful suggestion we recommend setting up several committees. Jim Bartko is returning to UO to help with the project. Bartko had been at Cal working on the new stadium project down there. That project is expected to get past local opposition and off the ground at about the same time that President Bush is named man of the year at UC Berkeley. Folks are already chained to the trees down there as Jeff Tedford wonders when UO will finally pull the plug on Bellotti.

Oregon athletics are safe and sound in the iron grip of the ruling troika of Knight, Kilkenny, and Bartko. Bill Moos was last seen on the back of a milk carton.

You know I got it
If you want come get it stand next to this money
Like - ey ey ey

Follow the Money
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The USC Trojans spent spring practice in the Cayman Islands in order to keep an eye on their off shore accounts, and as a reward for a 5th straight PAC 10 Conference title. The 06 season was marred by a shocking loss to UCLA that cost the Trojans yet another spot in the National Championship game. Rumors of abnormalities in the betting line are just that, unfounded rumors started by hack Seattle magazine publishers.

Head Coach Pete Carroll invited the NFL Combine to the practices in order to facilitate the matriculation of the Trojan players from college to the NFL. The Trojans were freshmen dominated team last year and appear poised to return to the BCS Championship game this year. They also look forward to their incoming recruits, who were all rated 6 stars or higher.

"As I look back at my remarkable career here, I am amazed at how great I really am," noted the always modest Carroll as he informed the Athletic Department that the Dolphins offered him 8 million a year and he expected the same at SC.

The head of the Trojan Booster Club noted that 8 million-dollar coaches don't lose to UCLA with the BCS on the line. Then he wrote the check. Then he got to work on "student housing".

Odds and Ends - DFI legend Isaiah Stanback was drafted by America's Team, making him America's Quarterback…no word on whether Carrie Underwood is dumping Romo for IS…Jordan Kent, son of the Duck basketball coach, is a Seahawk…Dashon Goldson is a 49'r…Brady Quinn was the star of the draft coverage…JaMarcus Russell was the top pick overall, as we reported after the Sugar Bowl…future Husky draft picks go on display August 31…we'll get you ready with our annual season preview issue this summer…see you then and thanks for reading! Top Stories