Basler runs amok in opener

For Elma, the 2A school always seems to play like they have a chip on their shoulder. 'Anytime, anyplace' might be a good motto for Head Coach Jim Hill's squad, and Todd Basler has already gone to great lengths to show he's ready to go at a minute's notice.

The 6-1, 220-pound athlete ran for 247 yards and 4 touchdowns against Renton, leading the Eagles to a convincing 53-20 triumph. For a player that scampered for 2258 yards and 50 scores as a junior, 247 yards and 4 touchdowns just sounds like an 'on-pace' performance for Basler. Even so, it's that type of production that has the interest of coaches in the Pac-10.

"I just got off the phone with the Oregon State coach and Coach (Randy Hart)," Todd told Nevada, Montana and Portland State were the other schools that called. He plays both ways for the Eagles, and doesn't care where he plays in college, as long as it's paid for.

The Stanford Cardinal are still the only school to step up and offer Todd a scholarship. The coach that offered? Washington football fans will remember him - Stanford Defensive Coordinator Tom Williams. "I've known Tom for a while, from camps and stuff," Basler said. "We've gotten to know each other."

It's going to be a little while before Todd knows if he's been accepted by Stanford admissions. "I'm workin' on it," he said. "I'll take my test in October, see how it goes." Top Stories