Competitive Edge Combine Recap

Over 400 prospects were on hand at Sumner High School on Saturday as the third-annual Competitive Edge Combine and there were several underclassmen that caught the eye of the talent evaluators on hand. Here are who impressed in the five-hour workout and who will definitely be on the radar's of schools in the next few years.

The Washington Huskies had a presence on Saturday as Johnny DuRocher, Cody Ellis, Todd Elstrom and Braxton Cleman were all position coaches for the various drills that were run after the testing took place.

These are the players who stuck out among the numerous prospects on the field…

Garfield DT Deandre Coleman Talk about a player who passes the eye test. He measured in at 6-5, 295 pounds and ran a 5.2 forty. He also did well in the one-on-ones, showing off his incredible athleticism. His problem is that he doesn't seem to have that nasty side that coaches are always looking for, but when he gets after it, it's really tough beat him. Coleman is a 2009 prospect that is already hearing from Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, California, UCLA, Arizona State and Boise State among others.

Garfield WR Michael Davis Very athletic and at 6-1, 190, he's already a physical presence at wide receiver. He ran a 4.95 on Saturday, but very few freshman run well their first time trying a forty. Davis showed excellent quickness and great hands in the one-on-ones and appeared to be the best freshman (2010) prospect on the field.

Kentridge OL Le'Roi Edwards – Because of a track meet, Edwards only showed up for the one-on-one drills, but he showed why we already considered him to be the best prospect on the field. He's smooth in his set-up and really moves well for a young man his size (6-4, 280). He doesn't have any offers yet, but he should see some start to flow in following the team camps he plans to attend (Washington State, Washington and Oregon State).

Kentridge RB Alex Ferguson Ferguson is widely considered one of the best running back prospects in the northwest for the 2009 class and he showed well in the one-on-ones. He didn't run well in the testing (4.94 forty), but he exhibited great hands while catching passes from the quarterbacks and excellent quickness as well. He's hearing from the six northwest schools as well as some other Mountain West schools.

Jackson RB Taylor Cox Along with Ferguson and Mt. Tahoma's Ronald Baines, Cox is a back to keep an eye on for the 2009 class. He posted a solid 4.58 forty time twice and had a great lean on his runs. He's also an excellent receiver, one-handing a seam-route while diving into the endzone and generally having his way in the one-on-ones. He told me he is hearing from everyone in the Pac 10 and most of the WAC and Mountain West as well.

Rainier Beach WR Barci Thomas He's a 2008 guy no one had heard of until very recently. He transferred to Beach from Tyee High School and will really help the Vikings this fall with his solid hands and good speed. He had a "tweaked" hamstring, but fought through it to do every drill, sitting out the last ten minutes because he couldn't take the pain any longer. He's a sleeper to keep an eye on this summer and fall.

Beamer DL Evan Cook He's another 2008 prospect who is hearing from several schools up and down the west coast, but he's going to have to show up at camps to really see his stock rise. He has a great frame (6-2, 265) and showed excellent quickness in the drills. He put up a very good forty time (4.95) and had 21 reps of 185.

Bremerton RB Abney Jamiere He was one of the best looking backs out there on Saturday. He's well built (5-6, 180) and had his way with the linebackers trying to cover him in the one-on-ones. He's exceptionally quick and very strong for a player his size (15 reps). If he were three or four inches taller, he's probably be hearing from D-1 schools. As it is, he's probably going to tear it up at the 1AA or D-2 level and be a very good college back.

O'Dea DT Dan Kanczugoliski – He's one of the best players on the Irish and he's a big man (6-4, 300) who can move pretty well. He showed excellent quickness in the linemen drills, but he isn't the most athletic guy you'll ever see. What he is is a football player and as a one-gap nosetackle, he could be someone who could garner D-1 attention.

Archbishop Murphy LB J.J. Quinlan Quinlan, a 2009 prospect, is built like a mack-truck. He's strong (20 reps at 185) and he put up huge stats in 2006 as a sophomore – 75 tackles and 15 sacks – from his outside linebacker spot. He's probably going to need to find a school that either uses a 3-4 scheme so he can rush the passer from a standup position or, he needs to hope he can grow into a defensive end spot (he's currently 6-2, 220) because he wasn't very good in coverage and he isn't super-quick. He has great instincts though and he likes to get after it.

Kent-Meridian LB Johnny Wilson We've been talking about Wilson for a while now and he didn't disappoint with his performance on Saturday. He didn't run the forty, but did well on the I-Test (4.35) and showed well when matched up on the running backs coming out of the backfield. He claims to have his grades in order and says schools like Michigan, Nebraska, Cal and Washington have contacted him about camping at their schools this summer.

Skyline WR Gino Simone He didn't run really well (4.92 forty), but he had a great broad-jump (8'11") and did really well in the one-on-ones. Simone runs very precise routes and showed excellent hands while falling out of bounds on one pass. He's a 2009 player to keep an eye on.

Bellarmine QB Lucas Schindele He tested really well – 4.73 forty time, 4.46 I-Test, 8'11" broad jump and 16 reps of 185 – and definitely passed the look test. He needs to really work on his mechanics, but he's a young quarterback to keep an eye on over the next two years – he's a 2009 prospect.

Lakes DB Brandon Jimenez – His move to Lakes was because his family moved to their district and he'll help solidify the Lancers' deep patrol this fall. He's very strong and super-quick, locking down all of the receivers he faced on Saturday.

Meridian TE Andrei Lintz Lintz showed why he's a highly sought-after prospect by running a 4.56 forty and soft hands. He measured in at 6-4.5 and 210 pounds and generally was one of the best prospects on display on Saturday. He's also very quiet, content to go about his business and let his play do the talking for him.

Lakes DT Tupou Manaea – Because of his grades, Manaea isn't being discussed much as a player to keep an eye on for the 2008 class, but he is a great athlete and he ran well too. He measured in at 6-3, 285 and was almost unstoppable in the one-on-one drills. He'll combine with Kavario Middleton and sophomore Sione Potoae to form an imposing trio along the Lancers' defensive line.

Other players who showed well: Franklin Pierce TE Austin Olson (2008); Kamiak TE Skylar Stormo (2008); Kentridge OL/DL Jaden Cox (2009); Kentridge OL/DL Austin Robinson (2010); O'Dea DL Anthony Vivolo (2008); Jefferson WR Bryan Cameron (2008); Hazen DL Courtney Sanders (2009). Top Stories