Siva Soaring

2009 Washington target Peyton Siva has seen his recruiting stock soar in recent months, and the Huskies are at the top of his college wish list. caught up with Siva and Rotary Head Coach Adam Sedlik for an update.

The junior-to-be is quickly making a name for himself across the national AAU circuit, but Washington is still very close to his heart.

"A lot of Pac-10 schools have been after me," he shared recently after a 27-point outburst in a victory over AAU rival Friends of Hoop. "UW and Arizona have been the most aggressive."

The Franklin High standout has recently seen his reputation skyrocket, garnering interest from national powers Connecticut and Memphis after a spectacular showing at the Cactus Classic in Arizona. Spending most of his time at the two-guard, Siva stood fourth in the tournament in scoring, averaging 24 points a game while shooting a blistering 55% from three point land as of Sunday afternoon.

Scout at the Cactus Classic had plenty to say about Siva. "Truth be told he (Siva) was a tough guy to wrap my mind around at first," said one. "He does a lot more than he appears to at first glance. His speed is exceptional, and he is fearless. If he can indeed run the point, then he is a BIG TIME player."

Undersized for a shooting guard at just shy of six feet tall, with Pogo stick-like legs and a game that reminds many of Husky legend Nate Robinson, Siva has begun to shift his focus to the point guard position where he will likely find a permanent home.

"I'm working really hard on my decision making because I see myself more as a point guard in college," he explained.

Coach Sedlik talked more about the position shift.

"Peyton spent last season at Franklin with (UW commit and close friend) Venoy Overton in the back court," said Sedlik. "And Venoy did most of the ball handling even though Peyton brought it up some too. "He's always been kind of a combo guard so we're trying to work on his point guard skills since he'll be running the point at Franklin next year."

In preparing for college, Sedlik has done his best to help Siva broaden his game without tempering the aggressive, almost reckless nature of his game.

"I definitely see Peyton as a point guard at the college level," he shared. "Even though he's so explosive. He can jump, he can shoot and he's fearless attacking the basket, I still see him as a point guard. We're really working on his decision-making and shot selection."

Defensively, as is the case with most 16-year olds, he is still very much a work in progress.

"We're working on that aspect," Sedlik said, unconcerned. "He's one of those guys that steps up to challenge and some times he gambles, so we're just working on playing more consistent at the defensive end while also working on his containment."

Known for his nearly limitless range, blazing speed and spectacular, gravity-defying dunks, Siva plays with a passionate flair that occasionally borderlines flamboyance - often with jaw-dropping results.

"I just like to do things to get the crowd involved so my team can feed off of their energy," he explained.

As for recruiting, the young man with the number 206 (Seattle area code) tattooed on his arm laughed when it was suggested that he is a Mama's boy. "I want to stay close to home," he stated, though not going so far as to limit his options. "I'd like to stay close to her (Mother), but she also knows that I have to leave her sometime."

Coach Sedlik shared his thoughts on what style of program he though fit Siva best.

"I think he needs to go to a school that likes to run and get up and down quite a bit," he said. "He's got that kind of attack mentality and he needs an up-tempo system."

Siva shared his two favorites, which unmistakably mirror his coach's style of play assessment.

"Right now, Washington and Arizona are the two schools I like the most," he said. "I'll probably make my decision by the end of my junior year."

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