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Lawrence Jackson is a 6-4, 235-pound mother of a defensive end, and is also the younger brother of current Arizona offensive tackle Keith Jackson. Keith has been telling his brother about how the college game is and how it compares to life in high school. Lawrence paid close attention last year with Keith was being recruited and is now putting the lessons Keith learned to good use in his own recruitment. And boy, is he getting recruited!

"He said that high school and college are similar, but that in college the players are faster and stronger and they have better technique," Lawrence told Dawgman.com. "Other than that, it's just like high school. He also said that it's hot down there but you get used to it. He said that it's not the blistering hot that people said it was going to be."

But now it's time for the younger Jackson to take care of business. "I've been getting ready mentally," he said. "And just doing pushups and stuff like that, staying in shape. Trying to prevent injury."

Lawrence may be working on the mental side of things, there's no question his body has matured quite a bit in a year. "It's my technique and my speed that has really changed from last year," he said. "I've dropped 5 pounds of fat, so I'm lean. It helped drop my 40 time down to a 4.82 and my shuttle time to a 4.3. I feel light on my feet."

You would expect September 1st to be a day where Jackson might run and hide from all the phone calls that were sure to bombard his house, but it didn't quite go down like that. "It wasn't too chaotic to me," he said. "It seems like the majority of the schools recruiting me are big-time schools...schools that are always in the top-10 every year. So I'm not really getting any calls from other schools."

Any calls that stood out? "Colorado, Miami, Tennessee, USC and Michigan State. Those are the main ones." The Washington coaches were trying to get on that list, but a snafu with phone numbers caused a mixup they weren't able to overcome early in September. "They've been trying to call a few times but they call on my parents' line and it's in the living room and nobody can hear it," Lawrence said. "They've been leaving messages."

Any lessons learned during Keith's recruitment he's been putting to use lately? "It's helped me so that I know what to look out for now," he said. "Weed out the truth from the things everybody says." Everyone in the Pac-10 minus Stanford has offered Jackson a scholarship. Other schools that have also offered include Tennessee, Miami, Colorado and Penn State.

He's already set up one official visit, to Tennessee on November 9th. They play the Miami Hurricanes that day. "I'll probably set a trip up to Miami too. Those are the only two l know about right now." Lawrence doesn't plan on making a decision until the very end of the recruiting process, so strap in and get comfortable. This ride just might have some twists and turns before it's all over.

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