Moss has a leader

Durrell Moss is a 6-1, 190-pound running back from Santa Ana (Calif.) Orange and Moss has his eyes set on one college right now as he plays out his senior season. He got calls from plenty of Pac-10 schools September 1st, and also has three scholarship offers to choose from. Is he ready to make a decision any time soon?

Washington, USC, ASU, Oregon, CSU and Cal all called Moss at the beginning of the month. "They were just calling to see how my summer went and how my season's going to go," Durrell told He talked about Washington's call in particular. "Coach Myers called and then Coach Neuheisel the next week. Coach Myers wanted to set up a visit, going up there. Coach Neuheisel was just keeping in touch. He wants me to fly up there. He also wanted to talk to my Mom."

Durrell said flat-out that the Huskies are his favorite team right now, and they have offered, along with Colorado State and UNLV. So that begs the question - is a decision imminent? "I'm somewhere in the middle," he said. "As of now I'm just trying to set up a visit to Washington. Colorado State said they wanted me to wait until after my season is over and then they want me to fly there to visit."

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