Teams taking notice of Edwards

In what is proving to be one of the deepest years ever for football prospects in the state of Washington, Kentridge OL LeRoi Edwards is a player that has been on the rise most of the spring evaluation period. Now he's in the middle of the camp circuit and he's hoping to earn that first offer with good performances.

"I'll be at Stanford, Washington State and Washington over the next couple weeks," Edwards told after a recent workout. "I also was at the Oregon, Oregon State and Nike camps as well this past weekend."

Concerns about Edwards' size have waned somewhat as he's been measured in at close to 6-5, 280 and he said teams have started to heat up their interest level in him.

"Washington was by a couple of times last month and Washington State was by as well," Edwards said. "Michigan, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford were the other ones that were by as well.

"Princeton and Harvard have both been talking to me quite a bit and I might head out to Princeton to check things out and see what they're all about."

Edwards is being recruited almost strictly as an offensive lineman by the D-1 schools looking at him and he said he's got a great relationship with the Husky coaching staff.

"They've been really up front in talking with me and telling me they like me," Edwards said. "They said they want to see me at camp against some of the other guys they are looking at and I'm hoping that I can earn an offer with my work there.

"Other schools like Wazzu and Oregon State have also said they like me a lot. Wazzu has heated up a little bit, but they also want to see me at camp too."

Edwards and teammate Brandon Turner are the two most noticeable Kentridge players this year, but he said with the talent they have coming up around them, he hopes the Chargers' future is in good hands.

"Guys like Alex (Ferguson) and Jaden (Cox) and we have a really young guy coming in that will be a sophomore next year in Austin Robinson and they are going to be really good players," Edwards said. "Our school has a really good sports program and we always like to represent our school well and we expect them to continue on what has been built before we started playing."

We'll have more from Edwards at the end of the month after he has a chance to hit all of the camps he's scheduled to attend.

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