Guyton takes in Montlake

It's that time of year when top prospects head to the various team and individual camps to do their best to impress the various college staffs they are interested in. Redmond (Wa.) DT Trevor Guyton is one of the most sought-after players in the Evergreen state and he recently took in a day of the Cal camp and on Friday was on Montlake to meet with Huskies head coach Tyrone Willingham.

"It was a real good visit," Guyton told "Me and my parents went in and sat down with coach Willingham and coach (Randy) Hart and they just talked about the program and where they're headed.

"They kind of wanted to know where I was in the recruiting process and how close I was to making a decision and where they stood."

Where Washington stands is a question that many Husky fans are asking and Guyton said that the hometown team is very much in the thick of things.

"Washington and Cal are my top two and I'm kind of favoring Cal a little bit right now, but not by much," Guyton said. "The Huskies are right there for me. I like the coaches a lot and they have a chance to really show me what they can do on the field this year.

"Cal was a great time and my parents have said they'd love me to stay close to home and go to U-Dub and my mom said if it was her decision, that's where I'd go. But they know it's my decision and they are going to support me whatever I decide to do."

Guyton expected to participate in the full Golden Bears camp in Berkeley the other week, but ended up getting some personal attention from the coaching staff.

"I really spent a lot of time with talking with and meeting with coach (Ken) Delgado and coach (Jim) Michalczik," Guyton said. "Then, I went and sort of had a one-on-one workout with coach Gregory and he really showed me a lot of things.

"He wanted to see how I move and my work and my agility. He really coached me up on a lot of things that I had never seen before.

"I really enjoyed my time there. My unlce lives in San Jose, so I have family pretty close and the weather there is great. My visit to them was pretty recent so that's one reason why they are so high on my list right now."

In addition to the Cal camp, Guyton said he will head to the Washington State camp this weekend with his team and check out the campus in Pullman as well.

"I have a former teammate who is going there (Logwone Mitz) and my team always camps there," Guyton said. "They're also in the state so I'll take a look at them too."

Guyton doesn't plan to participate in Washington's camp at the end of the month, but said he wants to take another unofficial visit during the camp to watch the coaches run the players through workouts.

As for a timeline on a decision, Guyton said he'd like the make his school choice before his season starts, but if that doesn't happen it won't last very long into the fall.

"I would like to get it done with, but it really depends on how comfortable I feel with my choices," Guyton said. "I'd like to decide before my season, but if not, I'll probably wait until the middle of my season to decide so I can take some official visits and then decide.

"I don't want to drag things out, but I need to make sure the decision I make is the one I can stick with for the next four or five years."

We'll have more from Guyton at the end of the month after he takes in his camps and other unofficial visits.

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