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Husky fans and Husky opponents recently made their predictions for the Wasington vs. Wyoming game on our Husky Football forum.<br>Will their predictions be more accurate than our staff predictions?

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109 2 Even Mahdavi's mom will get some points in this laugher.
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99 0  
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77 3 If Neu and staff doesn't get this team to score early and often something is wrong. The slow starts are simply unacceptable.
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62 13 First Pickett and Co. followed by Barton, Reddick, ET and Hooks and then cleaned up by Paus and whoever is not winded from running up and down the field...
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61 13 Mush, Dawgs, Mush!!
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59 10 Given the fact Central Michigan passed for over 350, the Dawgs and Pickett should go off. Huskies rack up over 600 yards of offense and limit Wyoming to 250 or so. We will see Taylor Barton in the 4th. We will score early and often, the Dawgs are ready and this is there break out game. A late TD puts Wyoming in double digits. Go Dawgs!!!
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58 17 I think that the Huskies will come out on all cylinders and put this game away easily. UW usually has one big blowout a season, I am thinking that this year they have two. This week and next. We will have to see. I hope that it is a great game as far as the Huskies are concerened. GO HUSKIES!!!
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57 10 Score at halftime UW 7 Wyoming 3... hopefully we will get out of this rut of not scoring in the first half soon. I can't go through another Costco sized container of Rolaids like I did last year with the dawgs.
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56 7 Dawgs win big and stay healthy...
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56 21 I love these night games. Last time we played OSU at night it was amazing !
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56 21 UW jumps on the cowboys early, for big win, Wyoming scores couple of fourth quarter tds to make the score a little more respectable. Dawgs come out with 56-21 win, and get over 200 rushing yards on the way.
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55 6  
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55 10 Somewhere there is a blow-out win lurking for Rick Neuheisel. If it doesn't happen this week, it's never gonna! Wyoming got waxed by Boise State, for crying out loud! This is bye week part 2.
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54 17 Dawgs should finally come out in 1st Qtr.... Huskies 54 Cowboys-17 Now DO IT Dawgs!!!!
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52 13  
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52 13 We score in the 1st quarter. Final score UW 52-Wyoming 13
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52 14 Wyoming in the second quarter and the fourth quarter. Washington 14-0 in the first quarter. Add 17 in the second: 31-7 at half. Add 14 in the 3rd: 45-7 Each team (reserves for UW) gets a TD in the 4th: Final: 52-14
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52 20 Wyoming has had it share of troubles, but they do have numerous players returning, especially on offense. They may be able to surprise us early, then add points late.
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52 21 Wy-yawn-oming
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51 13 After a bye week, night game, national TV, still playing with something to prove, this one has to be a blowout. I say the UW 51, other UW 13
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49 7  
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49 17 The Dawgs come out and surprise everybody, even themselves when they take the opening kick off, return it to the 37, then go on a 9 play 73 yard scoring drive capped by kevin Wares 4 yard TD reception. Scoring gets contagious, as the "D" returns an interception for a 47 yard TD by Benjamin. It gets ugly, early and often... It's the Dawgs 49-17.
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48 10 48-10 dawgs score early and often....any chance there will be a sacvallydawg sighting?????
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47 35 Cody ropes and ties the Cowboys.... who score enough to keep him in the saddle for four quarters.
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46 17 I will be disappointed if the Dawgs score less than 50 but its not in their style to run up scores so it depends on how many we can score in the 1st 3 qtrs, after that then comes the subs.
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45 0 2nd & 3rd deep players in for most of the second half.
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45 6 Historically, the UW seems to enjoy getting after it at night, and this game looks to be no different. I think the UW has some pretty strong motivation to get over its habit of slow starts, in addition to putting together a complete effort over four quarters. Mission will be accomplished on both counts. When you put all the factors together, plus the fact that we should see a crowd that is perhaps a bit more amped up than the typical afternoon crowd, this looks to be a bit more than Wyoming will be prepared to handle. All in all, I look for a solid showing by the Dawgs.
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45 7  
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45 10 Huskies ain't lackluster.
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45 21 Dogs have no problem scoring on outmanned Wyoming D. Second string gets some pt in the fourth quarter. Wyoming will score, as our pass defense seems to make any opposing qb look like a Heisman candidate.
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44 10 UW works on running game which keeps score reasonable. Defense gains character.
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44 10 ...I want to say 65-7, but I'm just not there yet...
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44 17 hmm. Hopefully it's sunny.
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42 0 Lock it up early and the guys gaining experience on D surprise by maintaining the shutout! Lock it up early and the guys gaining experience on D surprise by maintaining the shutout!
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42 10 Washington 42 Yee-Haa! 10 Brown stands for lost packages and losing football.
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41 17 Wyoming returning many offensive starters but it won't be enough. Have the Huskies ever lost a night game? This will be another lively crowd and I'll be right in the middle of it. Expect a 41-17 Husky win.
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38 9 Hapless Wyoming will have the ball in the endzones only on kick-offs by the Huskies... they will make field goals early in the game. Watch for the uw to clear the benches.
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38 14  
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38 17 Huskies come out on fire offensively. 24 - 7 at half. Dawgs score one more touchdown in each the 3rd and 4th, while the Wyoming Whatevertheyare score a touchdown in the 3rd and a field goal in the 4th.
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37 7  
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35 6 If the Defense or the Special Teams can score, the total escalates. Mush!
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35 10 Might be hard for the Huskies to get intense for this game. However, Cody won't allow this group of Cowboys to corral him to long. 35-10 with a Paul Arnold sighting in the mix.
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34 14 Wash 34 Cow punchers 14........More fine tuning for Richard and staff before the start of the Pac-10.....I am looking for more counter running playes...Run Rabit run run....Looking for more deep throws.........But will we be snaping the ball back on 5 bounces? With out a field goal kicker you will lose at least 12% of you're games.....WP
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29 10 I'm tempted to say something like 66-3, but I'll call for a less spectacular final score instead. I think the Husky Defense makes a statement as UW goes up 29-0 at half and goes into cruise control, playing lots of second teamers in the second half. Wyoming will score a gimme touchdown, thanks to a UW turnover, and special teams will set up a Cowboy FG... but I think UW holds the Cowboys to less than 200 total yards and wins fairly comfortably. Final score looks A LOT closer than the game actually was.

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