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Well, no one (except Pat Thrapp) predicted last week's game to go like it did. We all had the Dawgs on top but only our resident numbers guy PT thought it would be as close as it was. After a bye week, will the Huskies come out with guns a-blazin' and take down the Cowboys early? We shall see.

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 1-1: To paraphrase Shakespeare, a game against Wyoming is as tedious as a twice-told tale, vexing the ear of a drowsy Tyee fan . . .this Saturday things are going to click so well it is going to sound like someone is tap dancing. From the very first series, the defense will be stout. The offense is going to be hitting on all cylinders. The Huskies will hit on 4-5 plays that will go 40+ yards. Barton will end up with 10 throws, Singleton with 8-10 carries. And that low, guttural rumble we hear in the distance is the California Golden Bears. They sound to be about two weeks away . . . Washington 52, Wyoming 13
Andy Poehlman, Columnist. Record: 1-0: All signs point to a complete drubbing and I, for one, cannot disagree. If San Jose State wasn't a wake-up call for the Dawgs, then there are deeper problems than just slow starts and questionable third down defense. Although, like with San Jose State, the outcome of this game is a foregone conclusion (Dawgs bump up their record to 2-1), those same points will be the subject of considerable interest for die-hard Husky fans--for whom two questions linger. First, can the defense get off the field? Giving up tons of third down conversions in the Big House is one thing, but letting San Jose State off the hook on third-and-longs is quite another. Second, can the Huskies come out to play in the first quarter? This problem, which has reared its head often under Neuheisel, may not turn around in one game, but with the first-half debacle the Dawgs trotted out against San Jose State, I think it's safe to assume that this has been an area of some concentration over the past two weeks. I hope, for the fans' sakes, that the answer to both these questions is a resounding YES! But I'm inclined to say that the Dawgs will start fast-ER, yet still have trouble getting off the field. Washington 44, Wyoming 20
Joe Kaiser, Columnist: Record: 1-1: Did the Huskies learn their lesson from the San Jose State scare? I think they did. After two games, I think the veterans have shaken the rust off and the youngsters are over the early nervousness. Washington will be hungry to score early and often against Wyoming. Look for Cody Pickett to have another big day through the air, spreading the ball better than he did two weeks ago. Rich Alexis will have another 100-yard day on the ground, and Chris Singleton will finally get extended duty in the backup roll. The defense will score twice under the stars and the Dawgs will roll. UW 51 Wyoming 13
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 2-0: Look, everyone gets to pin another "W" on their prediction record, so in proper spirit let's pop out two ping-pong balls from the tumble dryer (which, I'm certain, is what Pat Thrapp did last week in correctly picking the exact score. Way to go, you Kreskin you). Drumroll . . . a 47. A sixteen. Sounds good. Washington 47, Wyoming 16. Now we can move on to next week, where everyone will get to pin another "W" on their prediction record.

The only question is how hard Washington might press in the first quarter -- trying too hard to start quick on national TV against an undermanned opponent, and thereby introducing a quirkier version of the slow start. Wyoming will be pulling out all stops from the get-go, making for a very entertaining first 30 minutes. But it won't take much to break the Cowboys' defense (and spirit) – some of that was already broken with the sudden retirement of defensive leader and captain Jon Aimone. It will be a win, it will be probably be a bit like SJSU, but with a few more style points. And once again, there will be heated discussion why Washington didn't totally flush Wyoming down diarrhea drive without a single ply. I just don't think it is Washington's mantra to win games that way. But if it's anything like SJSU, it could get uglier than a Tonya Harding mugshot.
Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 2-0: I love night games. If I had my choice every game would be a night game. That being said, if playing at Tennessee wasn't big enough preparation for taking on Central Michigan, I don't think that last week's Boise State game will have prepared the Pokes for beating the Huskies this week. I predict the purple and the gold will take down the brown and Wyoming prairie gold and up Neuheisel's record to 2-0 over the Cowboys. Washington 45, Wyoming 21
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 1-1: I feel giddy seeing how I was right on last time. Although the method I outline wasn't how the score came about. UW could certainly put 63 points on the board this game. That is if Rick decided to let the DAWGs loose all game. I think he and the staff would really like an opportunity to see the younger / next level players in a real game situation. So I think they keep the score a little lower than 63, but hopefully higher than 30 like SJSU. So here is my prediction - UW 44, Wyoming 14
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 1-1: Its the battle of UW's. Either way I put it, UW will come out on top. More specifically. University of Washington. Can the Huskies start fast and finish strong? Or will we see another episode of the first half doldrums? Cody Pickett will have another 300-yard day, Rich Alexis and Reggie Williams will both hit the century mark. The lights will be shining brightly down on the Dawgs Saturday night and the Cowboys won't get their first victory in Seattle as Washington prevails 34-14. Don't forget to turn the lights off as you leave.
Edwin Kim, Intern. Record: 0-0: The question is not whether or not the Huskies will win the game, but rather by how much. Wyoming is a team looking for answers and will not find any in Husky Stadium. If you combine that with a Husky team anxious to hit someone, and a rowdy night game crowd, you're going to end up with a bunch of sad Cowboys. How much the Huskies win by will be determined by how soon in the game the defense clicks. Wyoming and Casey Bramlett do like to throw the ball, so that zone coverage better be ready to go. The defense, especially the defensive backs, will have a big game. Cody will throw for 300 before getting pulled, and the younger players get some game reps. For some reason I'm also seeing a kick/punt return touchdown. Dawgs 55, Cowboys 13. I'm no longer mistakenly looking ahead to USC, I'm now mistakenly looking ahead to Cal.
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 2-0: Talking to Cody Pickett this week, he talked about the offense coming out and setting the pace, just getting a few first downs to settle the nerves and get the Dawg O in a groove. I feel that the first series and the success or lack of, will determine the eventual point spread. If they come out and get at least three first downs, they will be fine. That will allow the defense to come out to the thunder they are accustomed to, as Wyoming will (supposedly) be starting deep. If it's three-and-out...it could be another goose egg in the first quarter. Bottom line - they have to give Dawg fans reason to blow out their voices and I expect they will. Hopefully Rich Alexis and Chris Singleton will provide some balance rushing the ball and Pickett will get his 350+ throwing it downfield. The Bramlet boys will have their hands full. I don't think it will be a Marinovich 'All I saw was purple' - performance, but it will be strong. Don't be surprised if the Cowboys come out (like Idaho in 2000) and score on a long play - they have some very capable receivers - but that will be as close as they get. Washington 56, Wyoming 13
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 1-1: The Huskies will show up on time for this one, and so should you. Watch out for Ty Eriks, who looks great at fullback now. He could be a real weapon along with Zach. Alexis goes for over 100 again and Arnold gets his first TD catch on Saturday.

Washington will get it figured out on defense and have one more test next weekend against Idaho before they need to be loaded for Bear. Dawgs 57, Cowboys 10
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 2-0: Nighttime is the right time for this week. After a bye week and an embarrassing first half against San Jose State, look for Washington to come out all business. And to put it frankly, Wyoming has no business being on the field with Washington. Theirs is a program that is in trouble both financially and athletically. They sold one of their home games to pay some of the bills. It hasn't been the same since Joe Tiller left for greener pastures. Washington won't screw around this time, and will be working on their zone defenses and running game. When they throw, the Cowboys won't stop them. Washington 44, Wyoming 10
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