Day earns first offer

James Day is a 6-0, 200-pound athlete from Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View, and when it comes to doing whatever it takes to get a victory, just line James up. He'll even play center if that's what it takes. Lately he's even been playing a little nose guard, and if you think that's a bit unusual, let Day describe it. With the success he's had, maybe Thunder coach Mike Woodward will try James at tight end? Deep snapping?

"I had to play mostly outside linebacker, but I was able to play some at nose guard too," Day told "It works. I'm the strongest guy on the team, so I just find a gap and get through it. In the two series I was able to play nose guard I had 4 tackles for loss."

Things are good in Day's world besides last weekend. Capital took it to the Thunder a week ago, and even though Day had over 20 tackles in leading the defense, the loss still stings a little. "Capital takes the opening kickoff for a touchdown, we drive to the 5-yard line and then they pick off the ball," James said. "It was just a bad day where anything that could have happened did. We lost something on defense, and we need to get it back. We've got a lot to prove this weekend and we're going to get it back."

Thurston comes to Vancouver tonight to take on Mountain View.

There's one college team that has really put on the full-court press on Day since September came around. "Idaho called and they want me on offense as a tailback or slot receiver," he said. "They said that there are going to be some spots open. They seem really eager. Their head coach (Tom Cable) called last night." Day feels confident he's got an offer from the Vandals.

Portland State, Washington and Air Force look to be the other schools that are looking hard at James. "Coach Chuck Heater came down and talked to my coaches at school," he said. "I didn't get to see him. Air Force is hitting me hard. I get letters from them almost every day. My cousin plays for them. (Corey Crosetti). I'm going on an official visit to Air Force on October 10th. Me, (Ben) Heubschman and my Mom are going. It's my cousin's birthday the next day, so we'll take him out. We want to see the atmosphere there. I don't know if I'm cut out for a place like Air Force. It's totally different than what I'm used to, but if a bigger school doesn't offer, like Oregon or Washington, I just might go there. It might be a good fit."

James isn't sure how to gauge Washington's interest in him. "Well, my brother goes there, but really it seems like they've backed off," he said. "Coach Heater came down, but I guess I just don't know what the deal is." Top Stories