Jennings' interest in UW a slam dunk

Terrence Jennings likes to dunk, a fact he made extremely clear during a recent conversation with The fast rising 6-10, 230 post described his game as being patterned after Amare Stoudemire – an almost clichéd response by most recruits since it seems like every post prospect in the country wants to be regarded as a Stoudemire-type, but a fair comparison in Jennings' case.

"I'm a guy who likes to run the floor and block shots," he explained confidently. "And dunk – I like to run the floor and catch alley oops. Right now I'm working on my half court post game," shared the Sacramento native. Right now he's trying to figure out where he'll finish up at prep school after playing last year at Mt. Zion Prep in North Carolina. "My threes and my jumper are medium. I can hit them from time to time, but not consistently. My bread and butter is running the floor and catching alley-oops."

And he likes to dunk. "I like to rebound, but honestly, I love dunking," Jennings said.

Jennings isn't afraid of a little running either. "Right now I like running the floor and getting easy buckets," he shared. "But I'm also trying to work on my half court game."

As for his current recruiting status, Jennings is starting to narrow things down. "Recruiting is going real well," Jennings explained. "Obviously I'm hearing from Washington. Isaiah Thomas is going there and he's my teammate (with Play Hard Play Smart) and I like him a lot so I'm considering Washington a lot right now, along with Memphis."

Jennings is also piling up the offers. "I have offers from Washington, Memphis, Maryland, Illinois, Iowa State and UCONN," he said. "I've never really been out there (Seattle) before," Jennings said of the Pacific Northwest. "I haven't set up any visits yet, but I'm planning on it soon. I'm going to take one to Washington, Illinois and Memphis."

Those three schools are also his leaders. "There all good schools - they're all pretty equal right now," Jennings said. "I'm not really in any hurry."

Though the Washington coaching staff is paying close attention to Jennings, it sounds like Thomas is doing the most recruiting, as well as sharing a close bond of friendship. Jennings is quick to lavish praise on his diminutive AAU teammate. "I saw Isaiah play on TV with a Seattle team against the Lopez twins and I really liked his game," Jennings said. "But I thought that he was so small that he really couldn't do nothing but once he gets out there he's just a beast.

"He's great to play with," Jennings added. "I think he set me up with eight lobs in a row one tournament."

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