Quotes from the Husky locker room

It was nearly 11:00 last night and the Husky players were still amped over a much improved showing at home. The defense sacked the quarterback eight times, the offense never punted in setting a record for most first downs in a game, and in all the team was penalized just once. Still, there were too many fumbles and still things to work on.

LB Marquis Cooper: (7 tackles, 2 sacks) "We ran a nickel to defend all of the passing. They split the backs behind the quarterback so we came after him a bit. When we are in nickel, I still play the weakside but it's more fun. I like that a lot because I get to sit back and watch things happen and just go after it. I see stuff a lot better now, and I think we're going to just keep getting better from here on out."

LB Ben Mahdavi: "It was the plan to sit in the nickel the whole game, and I'm not a fan of that (laugh). I prefer to play smash mouth, but you have to scout and prepare for your opponent. The nickel worked well for us and we defended well. That was our scheme tonight, but hopefully we'll get away from that next weekend."

"I started the first two series and after that Jafar (Williams) and I rotated. He's a good back, a senior, and he needs his nickel work and reps. All in all it was a team effort, and it had an NFL feel tonight. There just weren't too many defensive snaps, the game went fast. We had a lot of turnovers on offense and should've scored a few more times. We still have a lot of stuff to work on."

"Idaho runs a lot more two-back so I won't be coming out at all. The first two games I never came out so tonight was different because of the nickel and the spread offense."

TB Rich Alexis: (23 rushes, 94 yards, 2 TDs) "It was a strange game, for me personally. To have two fumbles like that, it's frustrating. Luckily for us we came out on top today. Wyoming did a lot of M-O crossing on defense, something they didn't do on film. The linebackers were crossing so it was difficult for our linemen to pick up protection on the run. Basically when I was hitting the hole they would cross through and close it up."

"I caught the ball tonight out of the backfield, it was something that was just there. I wanted it to be there, too. Hopefully I'll keep getting the ball thrown to me so I can make things happen (7 catches, 55 yards). This week I'm going to be more focused and work on ball security. I have to make sure I hold onto the ball."

S Greg Carothers, who played SAM linebacker the entire game (6 tackles): "We played a lot of nickel and basically I am playing linebacker in that. I enjoy reading from there, it's quicker. It comes right at you and it's a little bit harder, but I enjoy it. It was fun and it gives me the opportunity to make different plays than I'm used to, being closer to the line of scrimmage. Against Idaho, they use more two-backs. But we can run nickel against any personnel if we want to. It all depends on what they do and what we want to show them."

"I think our secondary has played pretty well, this game particularly. When you bring blitzes like we did tonight and you see the quarterback pump-faking and holding the ball and looking for more receivers, you know that the people behind you are covering pretty well. That felt good. We may have played a little bit more excited, being under the lights, but getting after the quarterback and playing excited is something that we expect to do."

WR Reggie Williams: (6 catches, 100 yards) "I don't worry about the running game or passing game. We can move the ball on anyone. We just do what we do. The bye week helped us a lot. It allowed some guys to get their legs back and get healthy again. As a team, I think we needed that time to recoup."

"Cody played excellent. Anytime a quarterback can throw for over 400 yards it's special. HE just hits the open man every day, on every play. He was on the money today, throwing some great balls. We have the receivers to throw the ball on every down, so it's a credit to Cody on how he spreads it around and uses the whole team."

"We moved the ball well, and I think we just shot ourselves in the foot a couple times. There's not much you can do about that other than work on it in practice."

WR Paul Arnold (6 catches, 92 yards, 1 TD): "I finally made it into the end zone, that was cool (smile). I finally made it in there. They ran a lot of man coverage and played off a lot, so we knew that we'd have some opportunities to catch the ball. We just had to capitalize when the chances came. Cody has spread the ball around so when it comes your way you have to be ready for it. I'm just happy that everyone is getting the chance to catch the ball. The bye week was terrible, I wanted to play. It was good to take time off but it's hard to not play."

"I'm getting there. I'm still not 100% but I feel fine. I've got a ways to go to but I'm excited that I had a good game tonight. It's something to build on and we've got a lot of football ahead to improve. The ankle feels fine."

QB Cody Pickett (34-45 404 yards, 2 TD): "We knew that we had to come out of the box early and get that first first down. From there we knew that we'd be fine. We move so well on offense and that's exciting to know, but we have to fix the turnovers. We can be so much better. We're very confident on offense and we'll just keep building on it"

"My offensive line did a great job tonight protecting me. I got to look at three, four different receivers and throw to outlets. It was a great job by those guys up front and a real credit to them. I'm very confident in our passing game. It's what we do best and we have so many talented receivers on this team that all I have to do is get it to their hands and they'll catch it. Our running game will get going, we'll just keep pounding it."

"At the end of the first half we ran out of time outs. We didn't get our last play off but I felt good about what we were doing, moving the ball."

CB Derrick Johnson (6 tackles, 1 INT): "I got my first career pick tonight. I'm excited about that. It was really exciting. We played nickel the whole game and only went to a base defense on maybe five, six plays. It was fun, I love it when teams throw the ball at us. We love having it put on our hands to make the plays."

"I'm a lot more intense out there now. Things are going much better. Having that year off I was able to put on some pounds. I went from 170 to 185 and that helped me. I grew."

"Playing for coach Hauck, you get tougher every day. It's been an adjustment from playing running back (4 years in HS and his first fall camp at the UW), but I think I have a defensive mentality now. I'm ready for a full season now."

"My foot gives me problems from time to time but for the most part it's 100%. I'm able to practice at full speed and make my breaks."

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