Prince talks about recruiting process

It's been a long, but productive summer for Crespi QB Kevin Prince. He's been up and down the west coast at passing camps, team camps and combines and he's getting close to making a decision. Prince took in two days of Washington's individual camp as well as two days of the UCLA camp and has a meeting scheduled with the Bruin coaches this week. How close is he to a decision? Read on to find out...

"I had a great time in Seattle," Prince said. "The camp up there was a lot of fun and they ran it really well. It gave me a chance to check out U-Dub again and just continue to get a feel for their program and how comfortable I would feel if I committed to playing there."

In his two days at camp, Prince worked out individually for Washington offensive coordinator Tim Lappano and head coach Tyrone Willingham and threw to two of the top receivers in the state of Washington.

"They had me throwing different routes and taking different drops," Prince said. "They pulled two receivers aside and they ran the routes. (Brandon) Turner is a big guy who can really run well and Cody (Bruns) catches everything you throw at him.

"It was fun throwing to both of them and just getting the attention from the coaches that just meant a lot to me. It tells me they are really interested in me."

Up until about three weeks ago, Prince had the Huskies as his clear-cut leader, but a visit to Westwood to take in two days of the UCLA camp changed things a bit.

"(UCLA) has been my favorite schools since I started watching football and as I was growing up," Prince said. "I really didn't think they were even recruiting me so I really didn't consider them, but when I did well down there they said they really liked me and wanted to see more of me.

"It's all kind of overwhelming and it's been pretty nuts around here, but things have kind of calmed down and now I'm just kind of taking it all in and I'll start getting ready to make a decision in the next couple of weeks."

Prince expects to meet with the Bruin coaches this week, he was unsure of the day, and he said he should know more about where he stands with the UCLA staff.

"They want me and my family to come down and meet with them," Prince said. "If they offer, it's basically going to be between Washington and them.

"I might take another trip to BYU just to make sure I'm not eliminating them without giving them a fair shot, but it's basically going to be between U-Dub and UCLA."

And if UCLA doesn't offer right away and wants to wait until the season before making a decision?

"No matter what happens with UCLA, I'm going to make my decision before the season," Prince said. "That is what I do know. I will commit somewhere before my season because I really want to just concentrate on things and winning a championship."

We'll have more from Prince in the coming weeks and find out more from this top signal-caller as we get closer to the start of his senior season.

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